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  2. Hi RetroKenesis

    all your work is amazing im just wondering if you have a done a full set of 2d genesis carts.

    kind regards danny

  3. Hi unforgivell Thanks for the ini files ive got my hyperspin all setup and working But i cant get master system to work on MD. emu Do you know the exe.com base activity for it Ive used the same on that i used for mega drive but it doesn't work the rom path is definitely correct Once again many thanks danny
  4. Hi forgivenll Please can you tell me the past that make the emularors work as there the ones i use . Or a guide to set up the ini I have the base for them all for retroarch off hyperspin spin i just need to change them to make these emularors wprk instead of retroarch Many thanks danny
  5. Hi my name is danny and im know about emularors but im new to hyperspin Im just wondered if any one knew the parameters for nes. Emu, md. emu, neo.emu, and all the robert broglia i like these emularors more than retroarch any help or a lonk to the parameters would be great The reason i want to us them is because there more customisable Thanks in advance danny
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