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  1. sonkun

    ExaGear Strategies (PC games emulator)

    @sanchezmike01 Yeah I was thinking of trying to set it up to where I can at least get into the app itself and then pick the game but I rather have it launch straight into the game which seems unlikely, didn't even get a reply back from the devs. I'm using the "Rec." app to record, it was the only recording app I could find specifically for Shield TV use and it doesn't have any internal recording options so you'll always hear any background noise as it was in my video but you're better off not updating, I've been having multiple problems since I updated to 7.0.2 which I believe is only a preview update for certain users. @thatman84 Yeah the game launched straight away because I forgot I had a saved game and when you exit the game randomly it starts you right back off where you left soon as you select the game. When it started I didn't move my character for a few seconds because I was thinking if I should start over from scratch to show how the game really begins but then said to hell with it lol. That quickshortcut app is exactly what I used to get the launch I posted in the first post and that's the only one that seems to do anything meaning when I hit the A button on the wheel, it looks like it's about to launch into something but when I hit the A button again, I get force closed out of Hyperspin completely just like in the video. I even tried to use a log and I came across these different type of launchers if you can call them that: com.eltechs.axs.activitiesSelectExecutableFileActivity com.eltechs.es/com.eltechs.es.ESStartupActivity com.eltechs.es/com.eltechs.axs.activities.SelectCustomizationPackageActivity de.eye_interactive.atvl.exagearstrateg/.MainActivity com.eltechs.es/.ESStartupActivity com.eltechs.es/com.eltechs.axs.activities.XServerDisplayActivity I tried mixing and switching different combinations of all of those for both the exe and the parameters lines in the settings ini to no avail. Sucks having everything ready to go and the only thing stopping it is launching it lol
  2. sonkun

    ExaGear Strategies (PC games emulator)

    Never tried the Windows or RPG emulator but outside of Hyperspin I got Streets of Rage Remake up and running perfectly using a controller along with a doujin game called Guardian Heroines. I even have a whole wheel set up and ready to go for Streets of Rage, only thing needed is to be able to launch the game from the wheel. I recently emailed the devs for ExaGear Strategies asking how to launch a game from another app so hopefully I get some kind of response back soon. Here's a video of me trying to launch through HS and being forced closed and then me running it through ExaGear https://streamable.com/1jfv8
  3. Haven't been on here in a little while. Came across this emulator and was wondering if anyone else has and managed to get it to launch through hyperspin. I believe the what goes in the "exe=" settings line is "com.eltechs.es/com.eltechs.es.ESStartupActivity But everytime I try to load a game it acts lime it's about to run and then Hyperspin force closes when I try to launch the game again. Anyone ever tried this emulator out? Also how does one go about finding out an app's parameters to put in the "parameters=" settings?
  4. sonkun

    Yaba Sanshiro is released!

    I just tried it again and right now I'm able to get into settings. I didn't change or do anything but somehow I got in now. Only thing i need to figure out now is what needs to go in that parameters line to auto start the games again. Also to add in, it looks like the scanline filter has been fixed. Before it gave off this weird greenish tint across the whole screen when applied, now games look a lot better although now a little darker but now games at least look like how they should with that old school crt look. Even Bulk Slash seems to be playing fine without freezing anymore (I recommend everyone here to play that game if you haven't already)
  5. sonkun

    Yaba Sanshiro is released!

    The new Hyperspin exe is exe=org.uoyabause.uranus/org.uoyabause.android.tv.GameSelectActivity Not sure about the parameters line. Are you able to get into the settings? The moment I try I get force closed.
  6. If you haven't factory reseted yet try this. In your Shield TV settings look to see if you have Developer Options enabled, if so enter it and scroll all the way down to Apps and see if "Don't keep activities" is enabled. If it is disable it then try to enter and exit one of your games to see if that did the trick. If not then I'm not sure what it could be. Edit: Nvm I see you did do a factory reset in your other post. Well I guess if that ever happens again definitely try that method cause that happened to me before and that's how I fixed it.
  7. Like that thatman84 said I am also lost on this method, shouldn't be hard to learn though. As far as posting a link and it expiring I believe that will not be the case in this case, as I've created a personal account on MEGA so the link that I have in mind would be from my personal MEGA Cloud Drive. I'm still fairly new on using that site but I believe as long as you have an account with them and never cancel it, any and all links a user posts anywhere should work indefinitely. I think the only time a link expires is when someone uploads something there as a non member.
  8. That's right it's the EmuMovies FTP, been a while and yes there's absolutely zero roms included, only the media files. I'll pm you a link so you can check everything out first.
  9. Your post just gave me a good idea, I actually have a few systems setup using the softlist method such as Atari 5200, SNK Neo Geo CD to name a few and right now I've recently been backing up stuff using the MEGA site which gives anyone that signs up free 50GB and I'm already uploading all my Hyperspin softlist media there. I've already been working on a project with thatman84 to rename a lot of these softlist systems and some have already been uploaded to the Hyperspin server but you have to be a paid member to access those folders. This method I'm doing now will allow anyone to get their hands on these folders after I upload them all and make a public link accessible for all to use which brings me to my next question. thatman84 would it be ok to post up a link? Maybe it can even be stickied or something after I'm done.
  10. Just to chime in the Desmume use to work a few months back, after some updates it just stopped working. I got the MelonDS to work just recently simply by putting 3 bios files (bios7.bin, bios9.bin and firmware.bin) into my system/bios folder. The emulator is slow as hell though since it's still new and being worked on. I tried to get the Desmume emulator to work using those 3 bios files but it would still auto shut down unfortunately
  11. Nice, been meaning to get a Sonic hack wheel up and running, got all the files needed just haven't made the time to do it. Anyway other way to view those Android packs? I don't use fb.
  12. When you say MAME you're talking about Mame4Droid handling bezels better than RA? Also Phulshoff has all the available MAME artwork converted to overlay cfg files? The whole reason I started this project was because when using Mame4Droid and I load up a bezel for any game it doesn't display it on top of the game, instead it becomes "apart" of the game. Then if you happen to add any kind of overlay (I always use scan lines) then the bezel too then has scan lines all over it. Here's an example using Mame4Droid with scan lines and bezel art turned on: You can see the scan lines all over the bezel when it should just be covering the game but when I convert that same bezel for use on Retroarch it looks like this: The bezel is nice and clear and the shader covers the game only. And that's the look I want for all my MAME games and what I hope to acheive with this project. Unless there's another method I don't know about this seems to be the only way to get clear looking MAME bezels on the screen while using shaders.
  13. I can't remember where, the thing is I downloaded random packs from everywhere and just combined them. They're all made for 1080p monitors I believe. Once I get done with them all I'll either make a new thread here or on the Retroarch forums or both with links and everything needed. It's a lot to work on so it won't be done for a little while but hopefully soon. Edit: After searching Metalzoic pack I see his is most likely what I have as my artwork includes bezels from all those names (Ashurax, AlexDC22 etc.) included in almost every game so that most likely is the one. I know there isn't artwork available for every single MAME game out there but I'm definitely trying to get my hands on everything that is available. More than likely when I make the new thread it will be kind of like a constant update thread as well when new art becomes available.
  14. Nice, a new MAME core coming. Hopefully the controls are fixed in that one along with the option to bring up the one button menu again. I also have a new project I'm I already started working on, I have a about 1,500 MAME artwork files I plan to turn into Retroarch overlays using cfg files just like how we did with the Vectrex ones. Some artworks come with multiple bezels so I'm just cherry picking which ones I like but anyone can use their own bezels if they don't like mines. I'm already up to the letter G in renaming. I'll keep you guys updated on this.
  15. sonkun

    Vectrex overlays, bezels

    Thought I'd share something I've been trying to figure out since I finally got the overlays to work, which is how to get the authentic Vectrex look on all the games and I think I finally got it this time. Last time I suggested using a combination of shaders which didn't really do the trick, this time I found a new option. Here's a pic of how one (all) of my Vectrex games look now: To get that look I first changed my video driver from gl to vulkan then went into shaders/shaders_slang/crt/vector-glow.slangp. That shader seesms to be made exactly for these types of games. There's also another shader called vector-glow-alt-render which I've been using on mostly all MAME games. Here's another example: Try them out and see for yourself.