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  1. Kind of hit and miss. Best thing about this emulator is that it's like Dolphin where you can long press on an individual game and create specific profile settings. With games I tried, one game may work 100 percent speed with certain overclock settings while those same settings will slow another game to a crawl, just gotta experiment with your games.
  2. exe=xyz.aethersx2.android/xyz.aethersx2.android.EmulationActivity parameters=bootPath Here's the catch for my Shield TV external harddrive users though, your games have to be placed in a readable/writable location so that means they have to be placed in your NVIDIA_SHIELD folder which should be right in the root of your harddrive. My rompath is set up like so: rompath=/storage/86B671FEB671EF55/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Sony PlayStation 2/roms/ so your set up will likely be: rompath=/storage/whatever your drive is called/NVIDIA_SHIELD/where ever you choose to place your games folder Placing games anywhere else besides that nvidia_shield folder on your external drive will always bring you to the "insert disk" screen when you try to launch any game from the wheel. With all of that though your games should launch from the wheel like your other systems, mines definetly do and I can't be any more happier to finally play ps2 on the ol' Shield.
  3. That right there did the trick. I assumed it was suppose to work off of the ra 32 version folders, thanks a lot. Feels good to be able to run bsnes (balanced) and beetle psx hw right off the wheel. Are you able to get dolphin working though? For some reason it crashes every time I launch a game just from stand alone ra. I remember that core working for me about 2 months ago, got all folders in the right place unless something changed or maybe the core went bad.
  4. I deleted and installed a fresh copy of retroarch 64 and tested a game, this time I don't get that message about missing assets but I still can't do much else. I can still change directory paths, save overrides but can't load shaders or overlays cause it seems to point to a empty folder. I made a video to show you what i see using the snes 9x core. I believe the only way to fix this is to have hs load configs separately from each ra version instead of having ra 64 use the folders from the 32 one. https://streamable.com/e6gyz
  5. So I tried the updated apk and I can now start a game from the wheel but now when I start a game a different message pops up saying "Warning: Missing assets, use the online updater if available. I then tried to go update the assets within Retroarch but that doesn't fix anything, in fact I'm not sure where it's saving/loading anything from as I can't get to the shaders/overlays etc folders. I can at least use hot keys and overrides still load up. Maybe everything will work if both Retroarchs use their own configs.
  6. Oh yeah definitely, I noticed right away when I tried to install the modded apk over my latest version. I actually had to delete the latest version just to install the mod. I figured that's the way things had to be since he chose that version until he replied lol. This is good development right here as far as pushing Android Hyperspin forward a little.
  7. I have a feeling installing that older version caused that, I'll see when you update it.
  8. Hmm this is interesting. Would love to try this out but from the beginning I ran into my first problem. The moment I started a mame game from the wheel I was presented with the message "Failed saving config to "/data/data/com.retroarch/retroarch.cfg". From there everything ran as if I was running Retroarch for the very first time, no shaders loaded, couldn't use hot key buttons etc. I also noticed you patched the last version of the Hyperspin apk instead of the latest 0.1.8 version.
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