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  1. sportsfan949


  2. sportsfan949

    Program 360 controller to turn on/off PC

    On my cab I bought a pushbutton switch from radio shack and installed on the very top left corner of the cabinet. cant see it but readily available.
  3. sportsfan949

    Touhou question

    Media in my FTP up to 13.5, videos are on emu
  4. sportsfan949

    Touhou question

    I will check my setup when I get home, I spent quite a lot of time on the touhou and doujin sets a year or so ago. Hopefully I can help you out.
  5. sportsfan949

    HyperBase Live Progress

  6. sportsfan949

    HyperBase Live Progress

    Very nice. Clean looking.
  7. sportsfan949

    HyperBase Live Progress

    Looks really nice, great job. I tested Hypersync and hopefully contributed to the great application that it is. Would love to help out here also. Thanks.
  8. sportsfan949

    Hypernewbie question - Hypersync & XP

    You can do that. Hypersync puts all the artwork from here and videos from EMU movies into your media directory. I backup my systems on a USB drive anyway so I just take the USB drive and update the media directory on the MultiMedia Hyperspin PC also. EDIT: Hypersync does not set up Hyperspin. It only updates the themes, videos, images, and other graphics files. All within the media directory.
  9. sportsfan949

    MP4 Intro Video?

    This is weirdly awesome, haha, Please upload. Thanks.
  10. sportsfan949


    Never use renamers on mame rom sets. use clrmamepro or get the correct release for the mame your using. Use the renamer for the other systems using the HS wheel images as the naming standard. The multiple entries are additional versions "child" of an origional "parent" game. A few are OK, most are not worth the trouble. There are databases here that will help you pare down the mess. PM me if you need help.
  11. sportsfan949

    Difference between Arcade Classics and MAME?

    You need to get the collection of wheel art for the "Classic" set you are interested in. Use Dons Tools to make a XML off the media/<Classic>/images/wheel directory. You can just use the mame xml, but on some systems if its large and your only parsing out a few games it could slow things a bit. You still need the "Classic" wheel sets though.
  12. sportsfan949

    Difference between Arcade Classics and MAME?

    The classic collections just specific system collections parsed out of the mame directory. This is done by having their own databases and media folders that include sorted out wheel images. The games and videos are set up to come from the mame directorys. This is just a quick overview, I can help with further setup if needed, PM me.
  13. sportsfan949

    Manufacturers Games Pulled From MAME with Main Menu Themes

    Still missing the wheels for the taito collection, anyone have these sorted already?
  14. sportsfan949

    HyperSync Technical Support

    Been beta testing from the beginning, did not recieve update package? Great program, as you already know.
  15. sportsfan949

    HyperSync Technical Support

    Use rom2xml application. ensure the rom directory is clean and any duplicate named and bios files are temporarily moved. run the rom2xml app, put all files back into the roms directory as found.