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  1. Other than trial and error, the only other thing I can suggest is to make sure your applications are being run as administrator. (Hyperspin.exe, RocketlauncherUI.exe etc) Good luck!
  2. You don't need to install AHK no. It's been a while since I did this but I remember I had to play around with the global setttings to get it to work, once it did it was all great and simple though. From memory; General Settings > Keymapper > Front End Profile > AHK Settings > Mapping > Keymapper Enabled = False JoyID = False Kemapper = Blank / False / Diabled AHK Method = Internal If it's working when you test it in RLUI then I expect it is just a setting somewhere, or the profile is not setup properly against the system/emulator Hope this helps.
  3. Have you set the AHK method to Internal, either globally or for that system?
  4. Reasons to not buy pre-built Hyperspin setups.
  5. Hey all, So I am coming to the end of my build (who am I kidding), and for some silly reason I left Sega Saturn until last. I've come across the problem I see many people have faced, which is the hotkeys on the SSF emulator - namely NumPad,1, 2,3 etc, which I was using on my Xpadder player 2 profile. I toyed with the _Default Xpadder system profiles, had some issues with this (I think it won't work properly until I configure ALL, including the front end), so I looked for alternatives that would be quicker. What I plan to do is leave my Xpadder alone and use AutoHotKey to re-assign (via RocketLauncher) the NumPad key assignments to what is set on the analog sticks. I have the d-pad and analogs set up independantly. The plus (as far as I can see) is that this means I could do the same for other systems and then could use either d-pad or the analog on a system that would otherwise not allow you to - keeping the mappings seperate for something like Dreamcast or Ps2. My question is - Can anyone think of any reason why this is not a good idea, or any limitations to doing it this way? Thanks!
  6. Brilliant! Great work can't wait to add these
  7. What about this? This is possible with AutoHotkey: Download and install the latest version. Create a new script called underscore.ahk with your favorite text editor. Write the following in the file and save it: +Space::Send _ Double-click the file to run the script. If you wish, copy the script (or a link to it) in the Startup folder. Pressing Shift + Space now inserts an underscore.
  8. Most emulators are (as far as I have found out so far) CPU hungry. This is because they are with all due respect badly written or not what you would call optimised when compared to the original hardware and bios of a console. It's like reverse engineering. It works, but it takes a lot of grunt to get it to run as it was originally designed. With that in mind what you want to be doing is looking to get a good clock speed on your CPU (3.0GHZ+ for things like Gamecube, PS2 etc) and a half decent GPU. My focus would be on making sure I have a good CPU clock to deal with what is (again, all due respect) a badly written emulator. Anything under Playstation 1 and you don't really need to worry to be honest. A modern CPU and A modern GPU will do the job fine. from the looks of it you have an i7 with Hyperthreading. You should be able to overclock that if you have any half decent motherboard. I would. As aletterfromthelostdays says, try Dolphin: Gamecube games, Wii games, etc. Hyperspin will run on a Pentium 2. it's the emulators you should be focusing on. Hyperspin is pretty basic. XML files pointing to images, video, themes.
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