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  1. That's fine but why can't any files posted in these forums be downloaded from this site? Even private massages with attachment give me the same "The page you requested does not exist"
  2. Hi Annunaki12,

    Would you mind emailing those pinball arcade files to [email protected] or uploading them elsewhere? For some reason I can't download them from your attachment in the forum. Keeps telling me the page doesn't exit.



  3. Thanks, but they can''t be downloaded. Says "Page you requested does not exist". Seems to be a problem with this site in general. Seems like most files attached to these forums suffer from the same issue.
  4. You posted a link to 7 emulators. Use Retroarch. That's what I use.
  5. Same. None of the files are available anymore. What's going on with this site? Finally got around to setting up my pinball systems but I guess I picked a bad time to do so. I have version 1.70.6. I'm assuming the module won't work with it but I would like to have a go at it and try to modify it.
  6. If I get a non-merged set instead of a split set, how difficult is it to set up? What kind of issues will I have with Rocketlauncher? I never use clones on my setup and use a mame xml that excludes clones, casino, fruit and so on..
  7. With Launchbox you can import all your rom sets and media straight from Hyperspin. Launchbox picks it all up and recognizes the naming convention so there's no need to use the "scarper". Also, it's not really a "scraper". It connects to their database and downloads the media from there or emumovies, just like hyspersync. It's your choice of which of the 2 you want to use. The issue is that sometimes the media from Launchbox is not as good as the curated media from Hyperspin and the media from emumovies is sub-par in most cases. Launchbox media is user submitted, so if you have better media you just have to send it to them but it's a bit of a pain. A lot of it actually comes from Hyperspin users who moved over. The free version is not that great. You really need to pay for Big Box if you want a Hyperspin like experience. A lot of the Hyperspin themes have been converted over as well. It also has full rocketlauncher support if you want to keep it. Just set every system to use it and you're good to go. Having said that, I still have my hyperspin setup along with Luanchbox and RetroFE.
  8. Can anyone tell me what the (Alt) versions are for the MSX rom set/database? Seems like every game as a few alternative versions. For example Akanoid (Japan)(Atl 1), Akanoid (Japan)(Atl 2), Akanoid (Japan)(Atl 3). Which one do I keep? I only one version of each game.
  9. Haven't played my Taito games in a long time but last time I played them, everything was working fine. Yesterday went to play Arcana Hearts 3 and the game freezes once the battle starts. Arcana Hearts 2 crashes after the main menu. Nothing has changed in my setup aside from installing the latest NVidia drivers and the usual Windows 10 updates. I tried a different version of the same games I found on the net and the same thing happens. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. Hi Kondorito,

    I just downloaded your PC-Engine 3D cover set. Beautiful work. Really well done. Do you by any chance also have a 2D set?

    1. Kondorito


      Hey Styph! Sure thing. I'll get to my working pc in a short while and send it your way. 

  11. So no 16:9 support! Let me guess, it's coming soon...it's been coming since 2011 at least! Still nothing. At least it works again with the new windows update and someone thought it would be a good idea to animate wheels (a feature no one ever asked for). Only 20,000 wheels to be animated. Admin note: Don't be an ass
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