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  1. Styphelus

    MSX (Alt) versions

    Can anyone tell me what the (Alt) versions are for the MSX rom set/database? Seems like every game as a few alternative versions. For example Akanoid (Japan)(Atl 1), Akanoid (Japan)(Atl 2), Akanoid (Japan)(Atl 3). Which one do I keep? I only one version of each game.
  2. Styphelus

    Taito Games Freezing

    Haven't played my Taito games in a long time but last time I played them, everything was working fine. Yesterday went to play Arcana Hearts 3 and the game freezes once the battle starts. Arcana Hearts 2 crashes after the main menu. Nothing has changed in my setup aside from installing the latest NVidia drivers and the usual Windows 10 updates. I tried a different version of the same games I found on the net and the same thing happens. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Styphelus

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    So no 16:9 support! Let me guess, it's coming soon...it's been coming since 2011 at least! Still nothing. At least it works again with the new windows update and someone thought it would be a good idea to animate wheels (a feature no one ever asked for). Only 20,000 wheels to be animated. Admin note: Don't be an ass
  4. Styphelus

    [EmuMovies] Locomalito Games Video Snaps Released

    Thanks for this. Any plans for DOS or AAA PC games?
  5. Styphelus

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    Launchbox doesn't have any of that. That is why I come here. It also doesn't use databases so if you want complete rom sets you need a hyperspin ready set. They have their own database to fill in the info but it's very incomplete. Mind you that launchbox only really took off about 1 year ago. Hyperspin has been around since before 2009. Their art department is really lacking but I'm sure it will come around with time.
  6. Styphelus

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    Sure, but it all has to be resized, so you still need a backup of the original for backup purposes. It's a pain. Anyway, I enjoyed Hyperspin for the 3 or 4 years I had it but have moved on to Lunchbox/BigBox. Integrates easily with RocketLauncher as well so setup time was minimal compared to Hyperspin. Couldn't be happier.
  7. Styphelus

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    In Bigbox you can adjust the speed of the wheel. The default is a bit slow so it looks like it's not as responsive. As for running it on older systems, then yes, Hyperspin is better but it's 2017. Any 5 year old computer should be able to run BigBox without issues or slowdowns. Anyway...Hyperspin was the best back in the day and it's still a good choice for a cab with a 4:3 screen. However, for those of us running it on a PC or a living room with a Widescreen TV, there are better choices out there, like Launchbox/BigBox. It's really a shame that BBB didn't continue development of Hyperspin or at the very least add Widescreen support.
  8. Styphelus

    Sega Naomi Emulator

    No. No need anymore. I just use the Rocketlauncher CRT overlay with it.
  9. Styphelus

    NEC PC-FX 2D Box Art

    NEC PC-FX 2D Box Art View File Complete set of 2D box art for the NEC PC-FX Submitter Styphelus Submitted 03/24/2017 Category Box Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  10. Styphelus

    Commodore Amiga

    Sure. I'll see how big it is and upload it somewhere but I don't have a database for it because I use Launchbox these days.
  11. Styphelus

    Commodore Amiga

    I did get the roms, wheels and 3D covers renamed but I did it all manually. What a pain. I gave them their proper names, not the WHDload names and removed the version numbers as well. I don't have plans to ever update this set again. Still need to rename all the 2D covers.
  12. Styphelus

    .7z or .zip

    Use RAR5. Better compression and much faster decompression than 7z. There were several discussion here in these forum about a year ago and speed and compression tests done and RAR5 was the clear winner. I converted most of my roms to it. Mame is still in the default zip format I think.
  13. Styphelus

    I've lost my Hyperspin :(

    Did you download hyperspin from this site or did you buy a drive?
  14. Styphelus

    I've lost my Hyperspin :(

    I think I found your files on my Hard Drive. Let me know your address so I can return them to you. I will need some money upfront for packaging and shipping costs. You're in the UK so it will be a bit expensive. Hyperspin.exe and HyperHQ.exe correct? Yeap, I'm pretty sure this is them right here.
  15. Styphelus