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    hey, I always wanted to start a screensaver on my hyperspin cabinet, when unattended for a certain amount of time but I found nothing usable. So I decided to write an ahk Script to start a video screensaver. Place the exe file together with the ini file to the wanted destination Install VLC media player Change the settings in the ini file and save VLC_Path= Path to vlc.exe Playlist_Path= Path to a media file or to a supported playlist file (for example m3u) Time_to_start= Time in seconds to start the screensaver when unattended Prompts_for_VLC= command line prompts for vlc to be started with (leave default) Open HyperHQ and go to the tab MainSettings\Startup/Exit and add Screensaver.exe to Startup Programm After being unattended for some time vlc will play the selected playlist fullscreen and on top of hyperspin Hyperspin will also be muted After pressing any key or moving the mouse vlc will close and go back to hyperspin I hope everything will work due to the fact that this was my first ahk confrontation, but my tests were successfull. Greetings sedte PS: here is the link to all vlc prompts: VLC Prompts
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