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  1. no they are zip. they are all in the same game folder , names match database extension zip , Rocketlauncher only recognizes 1 rom in the folder it should recognize them all
  2. i have an strange issue with Sega Demuls system Sega Hikaru I have set up the roms folder in Rocketlauncher & HyperHq with the extensions (zip) all of the roms are inside the folder with the matching names as the Database , But it does only recognizes 1 rom & the other ones it doesnt They are all in the folder . Hope someone can help me out
  3. Hello , guys im not getting hlsl to work within HyperSpin with the latest MAME 0.189 Hlsl does work outside of hyperspin in Mame. I enabled it in the global module settings to true or ini even with Rom Settings hlsl true it just refuses to enable hlsl Any help appriciated
  4. Anyone got this error in Sega Model 3 with Reshade 3.0 when i launch the game this overlay fills almost the entire screen & dissapears when shift +F2 is pressed . kind of annoying problem i hope they fix this also anyone got the sweetfx crt injector to work with ePsxe or PCXSR ??
  5. i downloaded the videos for visual pinball in the menu the videos appear vertical any way i can change this to horizontal .
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