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  1. Doesn't Hyperspin use game list from a database xml file?
  2. Great list, Metalzoic! But i think one better clone need to be added. Shadow Force (Japan, Version 3) is better than parrent Shadow Force (US, Version 2). Shadow Force is great beat'em'up game by Technos. Japan version has opening intro. In Japan version both players can actually finish the game together, showing an ending with both characters. According to the American flyer, there is supposed to be 14 endings, which seems ridiculous (since the American version forces both players to kill each other off at the end, like Double Dragon) Japan version uses only 3 buttons instead of 6 in US version, but the moves that you lack are mostly just slightly different version of the moves that you still have, so that aspect is really not that big a deal. It mostly comes down to whether or not you would rather skip the fighter sections and be more likely to see any kind of real ending. The Japanese version is lacking the Hard Punch and Light Kick buttons to be more specific. I prefer the Japanese version myself, since the one-on-one battles (bonus stages) are gimmicky and were only added as a blatant attempt to cash-in on the fighting game craze back then.
  3. Sorry, stupid question. Just delete pointer.png
  4. Hi to all! Great community here, it's nice to be a part of it! I always wanted an arcade cab to play my favorite arcade and console classic games. I'm not very strong in carpentry, so I'm not ready yet to build an arcade cab, but I tried to make at least a controller for playing with friends. And now it's time to learn to set up a Hyperspin Do not judge strictly, this is my first experience. Thank you Prototype: Let's do it
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