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  1. I really thought this thread was going to be another "it would be nice if..." but holy carp! I look forward to tinkering with this.
  2. They decided to release a slew of versions leading up to 1.1. Currently is in beta and is available for testing on the buildbot. Once is stable it should pave the way to 1.1. A biggy for me is the redesigned keyboard input binding and the addition of mouse support. Trust me it will be worth the wait and they will deliver.
  3. I haven't spent a lot of time on their forums but after some browsing it looks like they are really trying to take a step back and get their dev process in order, focusing on things like the new debugger and cleaning up code to make development time more efficient. I think if they model their process after Dolphin they will be in a much better place. They definitely need help and if they work on the process i am sure they will get it.
  4. I have to admit i haven't tested it recently. The last time i did I was focusing on getting Grand Turismo to work and had a hell of a time getting it to run. I totally agree PCSX2 has a long way to go, I am hoping x64 builds will help with performance. I had no idea about GSDX and the state of the code, hopefully someone will take it on at some point.
  5. I had a chance to test a Retroarch nightly last night, so many changes! The new gui options are still in beta but they are there and mostly functioning. So on top of RGUI there are three new gui theme options to choose from one being Lakka that they have demoed before. The input configuration has changed a bit, RetroKeyboard and RetroMouse are now available input options and can be bound from RGUI. Overall a lot of configuration options have been added. A few cores need to get up to speed with the changes but overall things are looking good.
  6. My assumption was correct. They are releasing a series of betas leading up to 1.1 so this week its http://www.libretro.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2447. I'm a little jealous apparently NVidia just recently sent all the devs the new Shield tablet and wireless controller. Most badass android device on the market...I want one.
  7. Little confused right now I havent checked Libretro on Twitter recently https://twitter.com/libretro but it looks like is currently in beta with beta coming sometime this week. I have no idea what happened to 1.1, Ill have to scrounge around. If I had to guess they probably decided to incrementally release new features instead of one large update. Anyways they have a build bot up and running now which will be nice to get beta releases now and in the future buildbot.libretro.com/.
  8. I haven't been following Reicast that much because it is for Android but it has come a long way this year. Libretro already has plans to port it at some point but i doubt we will see that until some time after 1.1. Figured i would throw that out there.
  9. For those of you who stalk emulator progress on github and forums you probably would agree that its been a big year for emulation. If you don't you should at least track EmuCR.com, they post releases, stable and unstable builds for just about every emulator out there. So here are some highlights of some emulators i have been following: Cen64 (Nintendo 64) If you haven't heard of this, Cen64 is a cycle accurate Nintendo 64 emulator. This year the dev decided to do a rewrite after concerns with performance http://forums.cen64.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=99. Just recently he made some great progress on development http://forums.cen64.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=130 and it sounds like things are starting to fall into place. Once this emu is released it will definitely blow PJ64 and Mupen out of the water so keep an eye out. Dolphin (GameCube, Wii, Triforce) Development has been constant on Dolphin. If you check out September and August progress reports at https://dolphin-emu.org/ there has been huge performance increases. An impressive amount of bug fixes this year as well. If you have shyed away from this emu before because of compatibility or performance, definitely give it another go. PCSX2 (PS2) Development seems to be picking up speed now after the addition of a new debugger and optimizations. They are working on a true 64bit build which will be huge. I am seeing commits constantly and i wouldn't be surprised if we see a new version soon. http://pcsx2.net/ Retroarch (Multi-emu) Well there was a release date for v1.1 sometime in September but obviously that didn't happen. There has been a few distractions like Hyperkin ripping off their code and many other open source emulators which seems to have motivated them to start working on their own Steambox/OUYA platform which is exciting. Development is constant so I am sure we will see 1.1 this year, the improvements and added cores will be worth the wait. You can always download a git version from EmuCR.com if you want the most up to date cores. http://www.libretro.com/ Virtual Jaguar (Atari Jaguar) I have posted about this one before but its great that development has started up again. I have seen commits here and there after the last two releases so it seems like we will continue to see updates. https://icculus.org/virtualjaguar/ Add on to this list, upcoming emulators we should know about, existing emulators that have made significant progress this year.
  10. A lot of what you mentioned is what I have wanted to have, lighting, shading, tasteful 3D elements so I actually started building my own FE using Unity3D game engine. Flash has some great advantages for 2D but its just too slow at high resolutions. It seems like it doesn't matter how low I set my resolution, I still see performance issues. My dream FE would really be a combination of Hyperspin, XBMC rom collection browser, mGalaxy, GameEx, and Wii Flow including the following: Builtin search/filtering across all systems by a range of categories like genre, # of players, controller type, publisher, year, A-Z (like XBMC) FE configuration within FE UI (mGalaxy/XBMC) Detailed system and game information from xml or scrapers (XBMC) Favorites lists that span all systems (XBMC) Display widget for recently played games or based on other tracked analytics (XBMC and maybe GameEx, i dunno never used it) Pause/Play/Fullscreen options on videos (XBMC) Music player with track information/playlists/visualizations builtin (XBMC kinda, not controlled within RCB) Real 3D boxes/carts/cabs (Wii Flow/GameEx) Themes (Hyperspin) SUBMENUS Hyperlaunch integration... well duh Cover Flow like navigation (Wii Flow) User profiles for parental controls/system load outs/favorites Support portrait or landscape orientation fullscreen Cloud/http/NAS hosted media support LEDBlinky support (Hyperspin) HiToText support (Hyperspin) Display date and time I am sure there are a lot more that I cant think of right now.
  11. I was going to say something similar. It's not my project but considering how much time has passed I think it would make sense to find another developer or just go all out open source. This topic comes up from time to time and seems like it is always walking on egg shells. I am sure at some point a decision will be made whether Hyperspin development will continue or that it will be no longer updated and the community will be made aware. *Sigh* Anyways I am grateful HS exists and the dedicated community behind it.
  12. Virtual Jaguar 2.1.2 was released a few days ago https://icculus.org/virtualjaguar/. This release contains a few bug fixes that I believe increases compatibility. 2.1.1 was released shortly before which has much needed input mapping improvements. Good to see two releases in the same month. I am sure these updates will make it into Libretro before Retroarch 1.1 release.
  13. Decided to switch to Unity3d. Much larger community behind it.
  14. I am starting a new project on MonoGame and figured I would ping the community for experienced people on XNA or MonoGame platforms.
  15. Technically no. Retroarch is officially positioned as a frontend for Libretro dev interface. Libretro is designed for cross-platform development so once an emulator is ported to Libretro it is fairly simple to make it available on all the platforms Libretro supports. A ported emulator is called a Libretro Core, the core itself is what is loaded by Retroarch in order to play a rom. I personally have retroarch running on two different machines and an android phone, all of which are configured in almost the same way. BizHawk is another upcoming multi-platform emulator that has somewhat the same development methodology. MESS is...well a mess and its an all or nothing sort of thing.
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