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  1. Thanks Circo great to see the site still active, hopefully a new generation of theme makers will appear
  2. Like I've said before there is some major hyperspin talent coming out of Brazil, you guys contributions have been incredible!
  3. Im starting to wish I was Brazilian
  4. Couldnt agree more....Congrats Aorin glad to have you errrrmmmm moderating us LOL
  5. Hi guys fantastic job on these, just to ask is there an update at all with games like Pikachu Detective etc. Many thanks once again
  6. Do you use the PC launcher module for teknoparrot like me
  7. Seems to have done this again with the latest demul :-(
  8. LMFAO "Raw Dog Mrs PIG" :-)
  9. Couldnt have said it better myself jumpstile ;-)
  10. Yep I agree as you guys know im a massive fan of hyperspin and have met some great people while being involved in the community. I think that hyperspin 2.0 will obviously be great but personally I would be more than happy with an easy theme conversion option from 4:3 to 16:9 which seems a bit laborious at the moment, and a tweak so that hypertheme could display and edit both 4:3 and 16:9 (damn hypertheme is a superb little util :-)). Joystick menu support would be cool for people that said I have my navigation sorted via joy2key. I am extremely happy with my setup and would really hope that even with a new release that this version is supported and added to, just little tweaks really. Its solid and a superb frontend, yes there was a steep learning curve but once you get to grips with it the rewards are worth it. Keep up the great work guys, Fire10
  11. Thanks mate very much appreciated :-) the bezel looks great too thanks for that. Only just really stumbled on the snes cd setup rather like it, mario world sound great. The full set of currently made games is available just pm me I though better than post the link just incase
  12. Great work guys thankyou. Hey Surakarma thanks for the Conkers box and wheel etc, would it be possible to also add the unbordered wheel. These boxes look great setup in the frontend, keep up the awesome work
  13. Definitely use rh loader that way you can fine adjust the image size by pressing alt and f11 in game and changing the resolution in the settings
  14. Oh no sorry to hear that mate hopefully it works OK once you have fitted a new screen, enjoy your new house guys
  15. Amazing Amazing work everyone, thankyou so much for your commitment and attention to detail!
  16. Absolutely outstanding work damned It is very, very much appreciated my friend. You never cease to amaze!!!
  17. Amazing work thankyou Circo and Damned for this awesome contribution.
  18. Great themes mate really good quality
  19. Hi mate well the Brazilian artists here are absolutely incredible, it must be something you guys drink ;-)

    Have you made anymore of your awesome snes or Super Famicom boxes. Your Super Famicom boxes are without a doubt the best set available. I would be happy to contribute some money towards drinks for you as an incentive to continue them buddy. All the best Ant

    1. beto


      Hello again, thank you very much for the compliment !!!
      Here we drink a lot of kkkk beer.
      We are a very happy and fun people and we like to welcome all the people from all over the world.
      I am doing these arts because I want to contribute a lot and despite the short time I have to work on this project I strive to deliver the best I can.
      My biggest incentive is the support of people like you.


      Big hug my friend from afar

    2. beto


      Each week I put more boxes and artwork in the google drives community ... as you can see, I do all the editing of original artwork to arrive at a favorable outcome.





       I have to edit all the images, because they do not come good.


      NBA.png.a6a50de0413a9d204347cd0a6af5aefc.png original            


      592af5446bb1a_NBAJam-TournamentEdition(USA).png.444dac50118ee150df11f59514297886.pngFinal result after editing


      NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (USA).png

    3. fire10


      They look incredible my friend. I am a huge fan 

  20. Amazing work, Thankyou damned you are awesome
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