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  1. yeah it does. lol .Its the first printing of the control panel graphic that the print shop resized it for me and i lost about 15 mm of the edges of the pic. Ill get the proper one installed and post a better pic soon.
  2. Oops... so i used hyperspin checker to rename some zipped files in mygames folder. I failed to realize i am supposed to only use this program on unzipped files. So now my issue is the zipped file shows up in the xml database, but the file inside still needs to be renamed. My main question Is there a tool that can rename the contents of my zipped game file to match and be the same as the name of the zip file its in. Or am I better off starting over with a fresh download, new folder of files to unzip , rename, and re zip each file 1 by
  3. thank you i had completely overlooked that checkbox
  4. Update-- ebay has worked me over on that raspbery pi, so while waiting for a refund i have used the extra laptop to run the arcade. most everything seems to be going well . just hit a snag on the y board but i hope to catch some help on that. ( see my other post )
  5. Hi everyone . I have collected the sega y board pack. artwork, intro vids, wheel art, and such. It shows up in hyperspin just fine but i obviously cannot launch the games because I am unable to set a default emulator in rocket launcher. any help is appreciated.
  6. got the cabinet and the controls pretty much done. Now time to shove a Raspberry pi3 in there
  7. Its just some nice smooth plywood that I salvaged from our workshop. Also lots and lots of Guerilla glue. lol
  8. hello everyone just wanted to share my build in progress
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