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  1. i tried this method but im having a slight problem when click my bat batch file directly (double clicking) aliens and startrek work fine but when i launch the bat from rlauncher i get an error stating windows cant find my vm. can some one please help me with this. thanks
  2. Thanks thats good to know even better now all I have to do is get a wiimote thanks alot!!!!!
  3. does anybody know weather you can use an aimtrak with this bar i have a few wii shooters that require more buttons so i was going to use this so i could use both guns
  4. just as an addon question to this topic can you use joy to key on specific games? i have a few games on my arcade cab that dont respond to x360ce and i wanted try joy to key for a couple of games
  5. hey can someone please give me a link to a tutorial on setting ppsspp up in rocketlauncher and hyperspin? its crazy i cant seem to find anything
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