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  1. We're working on it. I reached out my Microsoft contact as well for comments on changes related to security and this DLL. I'm hoping to hear back from them in the next day or so.

    If you can delay the update for now, do so. If not, please be patient. We're on it.

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  2. On 5/11/2020 at 12:48 PM, Tranzior said:

    is not helping getting the same error, uninstalling Java does not help as well

    Here is the log which i can get from AppCreashView tool:

    Exception Code: 0xc0000005  

    Fault Module Name:  ntdll.dll

    Fault Module Version: 10.0.19624.1000  

    Is everyone getting the same error code above? Is there a stacktrace associated with this error?

  3. 38 minutes ago, matty_g_8 said:

    Hi All,

    A few years ago I updated my arcade to hyperspin 1.4 and rocketlauncher. I have had to rebuild it but have a back up of my hyperspin setup, Is it work just updating to 1.51 whilst i am at it?

    Would all I need to do is copy over the updated .exe files?


    I would backup main directory but all of the EXE files should do it!

  4. 1 hour ago, KaaMoS said:

    Sorry if I'm being itchy, but I'm facing this problem with Windows 10 (X64) build 2004.

    Version 1.5.1 was working ok until this Windows update got installed.

    Same problem, same synthoms. I have no clue about how to make HS run, process is killed by itself and window doesn't even open.

    Please, any help is well received.

    To help you diagnose this:

    - First download a fresh copy of 1.5.1 and assure that it fails as well. 

    - Make sure any virus protection still has an exemption for hyperspin

    - Post your full windows version number run winver and it'll show you

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  5. 8 minutes ago, cid67 said:

    I did that earlier today. I downloaded the full 1.51 package and tried executing both hyperhq and hyperspin and both failed to launch.

    II am fully aware of this fact and am prepared  for the consequences of running pre release software. Im just hoping we can get this straitened out before  it hits all users. of coarse i would love to get a fix that prevents me from having to reinstall windows but that's obviously up to hyperspin dev team discretionf order for 

    We obviously do not want our users reinstalling windows as a fix. I can't update my main PC to a beta release of windows, but i'll spin up a VM to see if I can reproduce later in the week.

    Please understand this process could be a week or two as i'm dealing with a recent death in the family.

    Please share any additional log files you may have in PMs if you don't want to share them directly here. Also please include the exact version of windows you're running. The insider previews are not always the same version as they roll out updates to users in batches.

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  6. On 1/24/2020 at 9:22 PM, Ayrun said:

    I'm having the same problem with the 1.51 update. This only happens with horizontal scrolling + centered wheels. But what I do that's unique is have only 1 system show at a time. So you scroll through the system menu left <> right, and the previous and next systems would normally appear but I have those wheels set to 1 px in HyperHQ so they don't show up, giving me a display of 1 system at a time rather than 5. If this is fixed that would be awesome since it's the only thing preventing me from updating from 1.4. I'd love to take advantage of the bug fix of HS filling only half the screen immediately after exiting a game.

    The code for positioning wasn't altered between builds. So I find this quite odd. Can you link me to the theme so I can test locally?

  7. On 2/7/2020 at 9:07 AM, cid67 said:

    I have a fully functional hyperspin setup on a external drive that i keep as a backup in case something goes wrong with my main hyperspin setup that is also on a separate external hard drive that is different form the other one. Both fail to launch. hyperspin and hyperhq are not operational. hyperspin also fails to report anything in its log. rocketlauncher backend still functions normally i will add though thats largely irrelevant.

    If you could, please download a fresh copy of HS 1.5.1 and run it. In order for me to test and patch this, I need a common, reproducible test case.

    7 hours ago, Creezz67 said:

    If there is an issue maybe worth putting a Notice on Hyperspin forum like the last one from a year or so ago ?

    This would avoid many people from accidently updating and then having a non functioning setup. Just a thought ?

    We normally don't put out a notice until we're able to verify there is an issue. As with most things microsoft, you shouldn't run to update windows versions the moment it comes out. The last few releases have either been pulled or have caused performance related issues. When we verify that is an issue with an RC we will make a post related to it.

  8. 26 minutes ago, cid67 said:

    SO I just want to let you guys know that Hyperspin and Hyperhq are non functional again in the latest windows 10 insider preview. i have confirmed it with two separate independent hyperspin installs. This is likely going to be an issue once the next major windows feature update rolls out so hyperspin likely needs a update along the same lines of what was done previously to get its dependencys updated. just FYI.

    Thanks for the heads up. Did you grab a clean install from the forums or did you copy an install that worked previously?

  9. Please let use know what you find out.

    So I upgraded my PC which required me to re-install Windows 10, and I was finally stricken with the inability to launch HS.
    Downloaded the 1.5.1 Update and its working for my default setup fine. But... when I launch the version using my Retro Cafe Default theme layout it crashes.
    I will try and figure out what element is causing the error and report in.

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  10. I'll forward this on. We might need the theme files for testing.

    Since i updated to last versión of HS i got a few main themes with some weird problem. Its any way to solve this? Ill attach a pic. Thanks.

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  11. 10 hours ago, cmlaporte said:

    So ever since the latest windows 10 update (hyperspin old version wouldn’t launch) and after trying to upgrade to the 5.1 exec of hyperspin, windows defender is deleting the the exe. Turning defender live app off solves but automatically turns itself back on after a while and then deletes hyperspin and hyper h.q. 

    You have to exclude the hyperspin folder so windows defender ignores it. 

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  12. 16 hours ago, SquallDark said:

    Hi. This new version still have animation issues for me, I guess is based on the "last" revision called 1.4 time ago for some new features, since then HyperSpin works bad for me for some reason (even in a new comp).

    Is there a possibility to have this "1803" fix for the 1.3.2 of HyperSpin?, It would be great for people with the same problem as mine. Thanks. See ya.

    Unfortunately no, we don't have 1.3.2 stable since the source has moved on since then. Can you expand on what issues you're having? Maybe open up a different thread so we don't spam this one.

  13. 17 hours ago, gator99 said:

    So I never noticed before that defender thinks the exe are trojans....  Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!plock - a little bothersome but.... if you all say it is OK?


    Yeah, again it's a false positive. As posted above, "just set HyperSpin folder as an exclusion".

  14. That been happening for long time I just set HyperSpin folder as an exclusion. False positive with Windows Defender.

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    This will be resolved in the future. It has to do with how the code was compiled. Unfortunately there isn't much I can do in the current framework.

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  15. Thanks for the run down.
    Well perhaps they can look to add more xml display options in the future release like the Description, Year and Developer currently.
    Score, Synopsis, Players etc would be great.
    We have you covered [emoji6]

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  16. Hi guys
    I have Hyperspin 1.4.0 in my laptop.
    To update to latest versión (1.5.1), what i have to do?
    Do I download the "Upgrade Only Download" (Upgrade files only - 42MB) drag and overwrite in the old version?
    Or i have to download again the complete version (1.5.1 - 480MB) and start over again….
    Please, help me to do it in the right way.
    I have RocketLauncherUI  v1.0.1.10
    Yes. Simply overwrite the exe files with the ones from the update zip. Then you're good to go.

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  17. 4 hours ago, luckyluca said:

    thanks for updating this fantastic project!

    quick question do themes now possibly support artwork proportional scaling? i.e. 0.8 etc

    I know this was on a change list but I forget which framework has it. I'll check with the other developer and get back to you.

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  18. i'm running into the same issue with SWF files, not all of us use Adobe to make wheel icons or swf files, I'm using Aurora 3D text and logo maker, and it's shifting all the SWF wheel icons to the right. Is there any way an offset can be created in the settings.ini for the menu?  The only application that i know of that you can make use a negative stage is adobe. 
    Can you pm me some sample files?

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  19. 6 minutes ago, dark13 said:

    Ah, a question: does this build correct the bug with videos playing on background after a game is launched? Basically it happens when you launch a game with a "slow" RL .ahk and you move the wheel before the emulator actually launch. To avoid the bug i the video can be removed when HS is off-focus and reloaded when HS is in-focus, I haven't intensively tested the method but it seems to work well while loading videos from a .swf.

    I wasn't aware of this bug. Please PM me and if you have a video of it happening, that would help greatly.

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