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  1. Have you gone into the media configuration menu and added the systems that you want it to sync? The systems won't be linked just because you've added them to HS or HL; you have to add them in HyperSync in order for them to sync. In the main HS window, click the button that looks like an arcade cabinet. Choose the system to want to configure on the left hand side and go through the settings. It *should* automatically link it to the media directory for HS as long as you're using standard names and directory structures. My method for new systems is as follows: 1) Select the system and tell it "Yes" when it asks if I am sure. 2) Update the database, also clicking "Yes" when prompted. 3) Click "Default All" to turn on all of the default sync options. 4) Turn on the intro video syncs. 5) Leave media configuration and sync the system.
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