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  1. It is. Thanks for the spot + corrected: http://www.magoarcade.org/wp/cpwizbiz/
  2. If you can pass game and system names from Hyperspin via a command line, then CPWizBiz will work. I'm assuming HS allows you to boot 'external' applications when booting a game? And also construct the command line from tokens? Granted, you're going to have to spend some time learning how it works.
  3. You manually enter them. Over time, the more users do this, there will then be a database for games. Kinda "pay it forward" idea.
  4. Thanks chaps. In the end used 16:9 ones and just allowed stretch in mame.ini. Looks fine.
  5. @lilcheeks - Find myself in the same position - needing 16x10 bezels for mame. I don't use RocketLauncher, so hopeing to run somehow through Mame alone. How did you get on - I need an idiot's guide! @phulshof - I couldn't find such a folder on the EmuMovies FTP. Has it been deleted. Secondly, in answer to the OP's post - are you bezels in 16x10 format?
  6. Ah thanks - had a quick look - does the HBL database have individual game controls?
  7. stigzler


  8. Thanks fellas. If you're gonna give it a go and need some help (I have a feeling it might be a little confusing to use at first), just give me a shout. If you get it up and running and want to be a contributor, that'd be awesome (needing controller images; games database entries etc). Again, just give me a shout and I'll add you to the contributor team.
  9. Updates 1.0.1 Bug Fixes: CPWB.Rig_AddNew: Do check for at least single image in Layout before add rig. CPWB.Ini_KorVToTableKey: Adds Section header in absence of Source section CPwb.StartPopulationOutput: Changes to skip datatable population if no emu/info labels/images... 1.0.2 Some Icon improvements 1.0.3 CPWB.Pop_CPWBg: Creates bak.png if not present from app resource. Added CPWizard Layouts folder backup 1.0.4 Bugfixes: Edit Imgs and Labels for Emus. 1.0.5 Fixed .ire file for General settings. Bug only occurs if you installed at Version 1.0.4. Manual fix required - update won't fix it - contact me if need to know how (basically just copy CoreAssets>VanillaAssets>db>ires>CPWizBiz.ire to the equivalent in your ascribed database location)' 1.0.6 Explored Cmd Line bug Issue #18. To do with .net .parsecmdline - small changes made but unresolved. Consider custom class. 1.0.7 Fixed startup bug if can't find db file. 1.0.8 Added game manual browse from Games tab Added change game controls from CPWizBiz 1.0.9 Added Snap + Save current CPWizard display. > Assists with documenting specific layouts (E.g. Default Emu/System button layouts) 1.1.0 Added UPdate CPWizard Function > Downloads CPWizard and compares against local version. If newer, copies relevant files to local installation. 1.1.1 BugFix: Fixes Update Rig bug where this mucked up database. 1.1.2 Added facility to edit Emulator Function Labels directly in the admin interface Added ability to change the default image viewer for CPWizard grab to one of user's choosing. 1.1.3 Added copy emulator functions from another system (for multi-system emulators such as RetroArch) Re-wrote Marquee and CPWizard dynamic image routine. Now includes any 'de-tagged' images in image results in absence of direct match (e.g. "Tekken 3 (USA)" used where game = "Tekken 3") Landing page for Maquee edit changed to Images Improved update routine, now keeps update stats via ftp.
  10. Well - it took me 3 years to write - so now it's over to others to do some work and populate the games database Basically, as people use this, because the system and controller names are standardised, the idea will be to amalgamate user entered controls for games into one database. There is a necessary first step of standardising the controls for he default system controllers. I'm hoping someone will step up to offer some help with this. If your front end is sending games and systems to CPWB as you play, it'll also only be a 3/4 minute job to look up the manual and then enter the game controls. Not sure I could have made it much easier, really.....
  11. CPWizBiz V1 Released Total re-code. Lot more features. Lot more robust and stable. See first post for demo vid: Essentially it just needs two command line parameters from FrontEnds: a game and a system name. Just in case it's helpful to you guys.
  12. Yes. See vid: https://youtu.be/cRRgGUv24TM?list=PLdaXx0sPIMZGP_-hQ1IB7ZhpHHQBNEQfo However, I'd strongly advise waiting a couple of weeks as due to release totally re-written version which is a lot faster and more robust. You should be able to use it with HS + RL as all it is command line based + minimum it requires if a gamename + system, which I assume HS + RL can provide? Of course - you could download the present version just for testing + to scope it out.
  13. Version 1.3.0


    An application to manage game related image sets. Specifically designed for collaborative efforts via cloud services, but can also be used individually with local folders only. Basically, it parses info from any game .dat/.xml/.db3 files, pulls a specified field for game/image names in your assets folder then presents a GUI to compare and move around images matched to the games between 3 folders. Now include fuzzy match facility.
  14. Weird. Try the latest version: https://cpwizbiz.codeplex.com/releases/view/621374 If same prob - post the logs. Have finally figured you have to manually follow topic posts on here - but followed now so will get notification.
  15. Whoops - apologies - didn't get any notifications of new posts. Yes - this will do that. Not the animated ones. They are composited via the app, so not a single file. I'm afraid I don't use hyper-marquee - so not sure, but I doubt it. Errrmmm.... not sure how to do that as not very familiar with this forum. Can't remember the specs, but it's just under 24" wide.
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