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  1. It would be great if there was a simple reporting system set up... gamecheck.hyperlist-fe.com or something *pipe dreams*
  2. Resurrecting this thread to ask if people have actually tried playing the games. It seems that Chimera crashes when trying to play it using either RetroArch or MESS. Other randomly-sampled games seem to work.
  3. The latest RetroArch module over at the HyperLaunch forums also now supports Satellaview. Tried a few games and they seem to work. However, the module's .ahk lists the system as "Nintendo Super Famicom Satellaview" which is totally wrong. I submitted a change but it hasn't been picked up yet. So for now you'll need to go and edit your RetroArch module. Anyone have the Legend of Zelda games working? They're all listed as not working, according to the list floating around in this thread... I found this site which offers the roms and some IPS patches, but I don't know how to use the patches. I've heard of people somehow "rebuilding" the rom by incorporating the patches into it, but have no idea how to do this myself. I'm also going through the database and will be posting an updated one featuring only working games soon.
  4. I agree - this is not the way to do it. I've already found a bug in the file explorer system of rGUI (when starting in \content), so it would be a bad idea to take the latest build and provide that. In order to distribute cfgs, we need to find one key mapping that works (no double-use of keys, as RetroArch uses keys like "f" to go fullscreen) and then make copies of that one config with the name of each system. Luckily, I have already done this It's frustrating, isn't it? Concerning the overall layout, I don't plan to cover RetroArch standalone at all - I'm treating this guide from the point of view that the person reading it is a HyperLaunch user, and they want to get RetroArch working with their systems in HyperLaunch/HLHQ. I also don't see any need to get into core specifics, because the latest version of the RetroArch module has eliminated ever needing to think about which core you're using (for the most part). The proper cores are set already in the module and I haven't yet encountered a reason they would need to be changed. I don't think we need to focus on specific BIOS settings either, since the notes in the RetroArch module state what you need - and you can also refer to the original MESS module if needed. I think the most important part is just clearl stating where files need to be. I think that setup + configs would be one part where we would discuss general setup, core options that need to be set, and the configs. I don't think configs needs its own section. One section I would add is about overlays and shaders. So here's my modified proposal of what you wrote: I. Background and links to support II. First-time setup and required files - Basic file structure, how to access settings - retroarch-core-options.cfg - retroarch.cfg - Per-system configs - Location of BIOS files - Relevant menu settings III. Using RetroArch in HLHQ - Example system setup - Some things that may be different in other systems (such as setting up vertical games in Lynx/WonderSwan Color, PSX, etc.) - Setting up a keymapper (using your system's RA config as reference) IV. Overlays and shaders - Links to nosh's overlays - How to set up an overlay (x/y coords, etc.) V. Troubleshooting - How to get help (HL log, running RetroArch from command-line to test, etc.) - Common problems How's that sound?
  5. It shouldn't be a concern, as long as you have a %system name%.cfg file in \config, then RetroArch seems to ignore them. (We can thank the magical inner workings of the module for that... ) I don't do PSX emulation, so perhaps I could leave that part up to you? Also it's good to advise that the MESS core currently doesn't do save/load states. Who knows when this will be implemented... I've noticed that if you plug/unplug a controller while RA is open, then that controller won't work. So, it's not recommended you do that Indeed, this is gonna be a lot of work, but I'm willing to put in some time on it. Let's start a Google Doc with an outline before proceeding to write up anything? If you PM me your email I'll send you the link to share it.
  6. I wouldn't hold my breath on 1.1... I think it's a while away still. Who knows.
  7. Ohhh yeah, I forgot you had wrote one, aletterfromthelostdays. I was planning to write one to solve a lot of peoples' issues with getting MESS to run and whatnot. I'd be happy to collaborate!
  8. Sounds like it's time I got to work on that RetroArch guide... is this something people want?
  9. I don't think the MESS menu in the MESS core even does anything, when using MESS through RetroArch. You'll need to do everything through the rGUI. This is my suggestion for using per-system configs in RetroArch: 1. Make a copy of retroarch.cfg and place it in \config. Rename it to the system you're setting up. ie. "Nintendo 64.cfg" 2. Launch an N64 game, hit F1 and then set up ALL your settings and controls. Once you're satisfied with it, make sure save config on exit is enabled, and then close RetroArch. 3. Use Nintendo 64.cfg as a template for all future per-system configs. Setting up Atari 2600 next? Make a copy of Nintendo 64.cfg and rename it to Atari 2600.cfg. Each system needs its own config in RetroArch. This way you set all your controls once, and then you don't need to do it for each system, if your key mappings are staying the same. Tip: You need to change the bind mode to "RetroKeyboard" under input settings if you want to change key mappings to the keyboard. Otherwise leaving it set to "RetroPad" only allows you to map to buttons on your joypad. Hope that helps!
  10. Not sure exactly what you mean by mapping through the rgui or through MESS... but a common reason for not having MESS working in RetroArch is having mess_boot_from_cli set to disabled in retroarch-core-options.cfg. I suggest if you don't have that file to make it with the line "mess_boot_from_cli = "enabled"" and plae a copy in the root directory and in \config. aletterfromthelostdays: I also posted asking in the RetroArch forums here
  11. Has anyone got MESS core save and load states working in RetroArch? The core information states that there's support for it, but when I try it just tells me "Core does not support save states."
  12. I can't get this working at all. I've tried placing "IC Menu Left - Controller 01 - bottomCenter.png" in HyperLaunch\Media\Bezels\Atari 2600\_Default, have ICs enabled and bezels enabled in HLHQ, also have fullscreen bezel set to true. When I try using my keyboard shortcut to access the IC menu or a key mapped to show the left menu, nothing happens. Can someone be a little more concrete and share their config or something instead of these little snippets of what to do? Thanks guys
  13. I actually just removed Zinc because I found out the games are already in MAME. Sure it emulates those games a little differently, graphics-wise, but that's not so important to me.
  14. Where's Nintendo Satellaview? <menu> <game name="Amstrad GX4000"/> <game name="Atari 2600"/> <game name="Atari 5200"/> <game name="Atari 7800"/> <game name="Atari Jaguar"/> <game name="Atari Lynx"/> <game name="Bally Astrocade"/> <game name="Bandai WonderSwan Color"/> <game name="Casio PV-1000"/> <game name="ColecoVision"/> <game name="Commodore Amiga CD32"/> <game name="DICE"/> <game name="Entex Adventure Vision"/> <game name="Fairchild Channel F"/> <game name="Future Pinball"/> <game name="GCE Vectrex"/> <game name="Magnavox Odyssey 2"/> <game name="MAME"/> <game name="Mattel Intellivision"/> <game name="NEC PC Engine"/> <game name="NEC PC Engine-CD"/> <game name="NEC PC-FX"/> <game name="NEC SuperGrafx"/> <game name="NEC TurboGrafx-16"/> <game name="NEC TurboGrafx-CD"/> <game name="Nintendo 64"/> <game name="Nintendo Entertainment System"/> <game name="Nintendo Famicom"/> <game name="Nintendo Famicom Disk System"/> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy"/> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy Advance"/> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy Color"/> <game name="Nintendo Satellaview"/> <game name="Nintendo Super Famicom"/> <game name="Nintendo Virtual Boy"/> <game name="Panasonic 3DO"/> <game name="Philips CD-i"/> <game name="ScummVM"/> <game name="Sega 32X"/> <game name="Sega CD"/> <game name="Sega Dreamcast"/> <game name="Sega Game Gear"/> <game name="Sega Genesis"/> <game name="Sega Master System"/> <game name="Sega Model 2"/> <game name="Sega Model 3"/> <game name="Sega Naomi"/> <game name="Sega Saturn"/> <game name="Sega SG-1000"/> <game name="SNK Neo Geo AES"/> <game name="SNK Neo Geo MVS"/> <game name="SNK Neo Geo CD"/> <game name="SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color"/> <game name="Super Nintendo Entertainment System"/> <game name="Taito Type X"/> <game name="Zinc"/> </menu>
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