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  1. Thanks for replying. Guess I'll just remove those 2 systems. Just don't want to use RA at all and don't have much time to worry about this. Thanks anyway. Hopefully some day the devs will make a system that doesn't require weeks of tweaks that nobody has time to do.
  2. I have Nintendo 64 setup in Hyperspin Android and when I launch a game it opens to the emulator instead of launching the game itself. I have installed Mupen64Plus AE paid version. I have about 5 other systems working as they should so not sure why these 2 are an issue. [exe info] path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Nintendo 64\ rompath=/storage/3839-3731/Hyperspin/Emulators/Nintendo 64/roms/ userompath=true exe=paulscode.android.mupen64plus/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.MainActivity parameters= romextension=zip,n64 And Sega 32X does the same thing using md.emu paid version. [exe info] path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Sega 32X\ rompath=/storage/3839-3731/Hyperspin/Emulators/Sega 32X/roms/ userompath=true exe=com.explusalpha.MdEmu/com.imagine.BaseActivity romextension=zip,32x parameters= If anyone can help me figure out what's wrong and why these 2 systems both launch into the emulator as opposed to the game directly, please let me know. And thanks in advance. Again I'm NOT using RetroArch since I hate it. Please don't even bring it up. I appreciate it.
  3. I'm not using RetroArch since I hate the interface and bugs and can't figure it out. I have a few systems running with individual emulators. Nintendo 64 and Sega 32X just open to the emulator instead of automatically launching a game I select. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Here is the top of the 2 systems settings.ini files so you can tell me if there is any mistake. [exe info] path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Sega 32X\ rompath=/storage/3839-3731/Hyperspin/Emulators/Sega 32X/roms/ userompath=true exe=com.explusalpha.MdEmu/com.imagine.BaseActivity romextension=zip,32x parameters= which uses the md.emu emulator (paid version) by Robert Broglia and [exe info] path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Nintendo 64\ rompath=/storage/3839-3731/Hyperspin/Emulators/Nintendo 64/roms/ userompath=true exe=paulscode.android.mupen64plus/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.MainActivity parameters= romextension=zip,n64 which uses the Mupen64Plus AE (paid version) emulator by Paul Lamb I'm wondering if there is an issue with what I have in the "exe" line above. If anyone can help me figure this out I appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Yeah, this is way too complicated. I think whoever programmed RetroArch is smoking crack. Thanks guys but I'll go back to using individual emulators. I don't have 10-hours just to get 2-buttons remapped the way I want and having to setup controls per game, talk about a nightmare. I appreciate those trying to help. People really need an exact step-by-step like litterly click this, click that (from a to z) to get this working. I just don't have a few days to devote to this.
  5. The version of RA I have is the current one that would get pushed out from the Google Play store. I logged into it on a PC and told it to install RA on both my Shields. How do I get menus to appear from within a game in RA Android? I'm using the Nvidia Shield and there controller. I don't know what button to press to get any RA options to appear. Also, once I save the settings while playing that specific game, will they be that way indefinitely for just the game, just that system (for example NES, or for every system and game I play in RA on my Shield? I'll have time to mess with this when I get home in a couple hours and will try to figure it out based on your help so far. I'm wondering though if you're both using an old version that has a much different interface from the current RA. If either of you has time to check, please let me know. This is why I don't like RA however, it should be simple to change controls and it's not. You practically need a degree and hours of research and experiment to figure this out and when I tired several months ago it seemed buggy and wasn't working right anyway. I may give this about 30-minutes and if I can't get it working right that will be the last time ever I try to install RA. It reminds me of Kodi. Tons of horribly designed and complicated interfaces that have 10x more options than needed and you need a degree to figure out how to use half of them. Why can't programmers make something simple to use that will actually be fun?
  6. Hi all, I got RetroArch installed on my 2 Shields yesterday and can launch games. The buttons on the Shield controller are not setup well by default. For example I want to set the A and B buttons of the classic NES controller to be in different places on the Shield controller from where the default is. Anyone know of a recently made (so it's still valid) YouTube video that shows how to customize a controller in RetroArch Android and save those settings? Or can you walk me through it by a good, detailed explanation here? I don't have a ton of time to spend to get this running but that may be my last step left is getting the controls setup. Thanks in advance
  7. Tried that and it doesn't take input from the controller. EDIT: Nevermind, does now. Must have had the folder in read only or something stupid. Thanks. Appreciate the answers.
  8. How do you find out what to type for each button on the wireless 360 controller?
  9. Sorry to post after this is a bit stale but... Is there a way to make the hotkey for exit a button on a wireless Xbox 360 controller without using Xpadder or another 3rd party app? I want to have a button on my controller exit the emulator no matter which emulator it is. Thanks in advance.
  10. djdaveoc


    I recently saw a video on YouTube from someone who does or used to sell pre-configured Hyperspin drives online. He said he was going to stop doing it because Bill told him he's taking Hyperspin retail. Does anyone know what that means? If there going to be some pre-configured system people can buy in the near future? Just wondering what that guy was talking about.
  11. Personally I avoid retroarch. I had so many problems with it. Especially the config files. The whole program is just incredibly confusing and would be much better with about 20% of the options. It's the most non-intuitive program/emulator I've ever used. Not worth the time at all until they improve it and cut out most of the unneeded garbage. It was easier to use a different emulator for each system than to use that. At least on the Nvidia Shield TV console it's horrible.
  12. Anyone know how to get Mupen to autolaunch games when you select one from the HS wheel? On my Shield TV it opens the emu with the game selected but doesn't actually launch it.
  13. I will get there to try by the end of the weekend and report back. Still getting all the rom and chd files I need in .139 version and .zip format for the roms instead of .7z.
  14. Tried both what? Anyone have Mupen working for N64 in Hyperspin Android? Nobody knows how to get games to auto launch? Come on people. Share your genious with the rest of us.
  15. I got it to work. I had to mess with the rom path in the emulator on the Shield. I have my roms in G:\Hyperspin\Emulators\MAME\roms. On the Shield when I open the emulator I had to tell it no to using the default rom path. Then I had to select "storage" for the 1st option. Then I saw the folder with the name given to my SD card in ES File Explorer. I selected that. Then I could navigate all the way to the roms folder and select it. Now I just need to take all 530 or so roms which I had in .7z format on the PC and manually change them all one-by-one to zip files. What a time-consuming pain in the behind. Oh well. At least there's progress. Not sure if I'll need CHD files for those games. Anyone else know if they're required? If they are, will those games work if you have the rom and chd named correctly and in the proper folders?
  16. What is MameReloaded? As stated in my title I'm using Mame4droid .139 is the version.
  17. Hello all, I read somewhere that after the Android M update the SD card would be referred to as some long string number instead of sdcard0 or sdcard1, and therefore you'd have to change the rom path in all the ini files for each system. I used ES FIle explorer to find the name of my SD card now and updated all the ini files. However when I start Mame4droid it asks if you want to choose the default ROM location. I always have to choose no since my roms are not in that directory. I manually choose the directory that my roms are actually in but this emulator still does not work. Anyone know if it can work? Keep in mind I'm talking specifically about the Shield TV console and not the tablet or portable device. Thanks in advance.
  18. I thought I had tried that exe line for Mupen but I guess not. I'm assuming it works because now when I select a game it opens the emulator to the page where you can select a game, start a game, etc. The game I choose on the Hyperspin wheel is selected and all I'd have to do is highlight play and press enter. However I want this wheel/system to work as all my others do if possible. Is there a way to get the game to just auto start in the emulator when selecting it in the Hyperspin wheel? All the other systems I've setup work this way. Thanks in advance for any help on what will hopefully be the last detail in getting N64 to work.
  19. I'm not fully understanding what joystick said about mame not working after the Android M upgrade. Does that mean Mame4droid doesn't work on the Shield TV (not tablet) after the update? If that's the case, then wouldn't the dev. need to fix the app to work on Android M? So this is an app. update issue and not a Hyperspin or Android issue correct?
  20. rompath=/storage/3839-3731/Hyperspin/Emulators/Nintendo 64/roms userompath=true exe=org.mupen64plusae.v3.alpha/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.SplashActivity parameters= romextension=n64 searchsubfolders=true That is what I have in my ini file for the N64 system. When I try to launch a game I get a message saying the "exe=org" line is invalid for the emulator I'm using or something similar. Anyone know why? I'm using Mupen64+AE FREE (N64 Emulator) by Paul Lamb. The number in my rom path is the one shown in ES File Explorer when viewing my SD card on the Shield. I've installed the Android M update and thought that I read that I needed to replace "sdcard1" with that number in my rom path for Hyperspin to work again.
  21. Cool thanks. Not sure why I couldn't find that. Search never seems to work for me on this site. It would be nice if someone could add all the settings for the different systems and emulators to the sticky posted article. That way people wouldn't have to hunt around to find what are basic setup details needed by most setting up Hyperspin for Android.
  22. I'm confused why you sent that link? The emulator I asked about and its settings are not on that page. I don't see anything about getting N64 to run on that page.
  23. I had way too many problems with RetroArch and gave up on that app. on the Shield. I'm using individual emulators in Hyperspin to get my systems running. I could not find an N64 emulator in Google Play on the Shield so I assume that means none of them are certified compatible with the Android TV OS. I logged into my Google account on my PC and downloaded Mupen64+AE FREE and told it to install on my Shield TV console. I see the app. listed on my device now. Is it possible to use this app. in Hyperspin on a Shield TV console? If so, what are the settings for the .ini file? For example the equivalent of this for the NES system in the nes.emu by Robert B. NES.emu - NES exe=com.explusalpha.NesEmu/com.imagine.BaseActivity parameters= If that emulator can't work on the Shield, how is everyone else playing the N64? I'd like to avoid RetroArch at all costs due to hating the interface and problems with config. files/controllers etc. Thanks for any help in advance.
  24. Glad you got it figured out. I have a few systems running without RetroArch since I can't get it to save and autoselect config files. I guess for MAME and N64 I'll have to use RetroArch once they update their version and fix bugs. It needs to be an Android TV approved version also since I'm using an Nvidia Shield Android TV console.
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