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  1. Tried that and it doesn't take input from the controller. EDIT: Nevermind, does now. Must have had the folder in read only or something stupid. Thanks. Appreciate the answers.
  2. How do you find out what to type for each button on the wireless 360 controller?
  3. Sorry to post after this is a bit stale but... Is there a way to make the hotkey for exit a button on a wireless Xbox 360 controller without using Xpadder or another 3rd party app? I want to have a button on my controller exit the emulator no matter which emulator it is. Thanks in advance.
  4. Anyone know how to get Mupen to autolaunch games when you select one from the HS wheel? On my Shield TV it opens the emu with the game selected but doesn't actually launch it.
  5. Just updated my settings files and will go test everything and report back. The mame emu for Android TV I believe is for version 1.39. Do you have to have a romset for that version or would a newer set work? I've got mine filtered to the 500 or so games I want and didn't want to have to start over if possible. That will take many hours.
  6. Anyone know if this will work for C64.emu: exe=com.explusalpha.C64Emu/com.imagine.BaseActivity ???? And for GBA.emu: exe=com.explusalpha.GBAEmu/com.imagine.BaseActivity ????
  7. I have defined my buttons. I have the B button for the NES pad set to X on my Shield TV controller. However it's not reflected when I actually play a game. I resume after making sure the settings are still there and even though I have the B button mapped to X and the A button mapped to A, the buttons I have to press to actually play a NES game are the Y and B buttons on the Shield TV controller. Any idea how I can fix this? So weird.
  8. Messed around and got the overlay to stay gone. I had to go to settings, configuration, and turn on all 4 options. I'm not sure if they're all needed or what they all do exactly but that's what fixed it for me. Now I just need to go figure out button mappings for the controller and how they can save. For some reason mine are screwed up. Oy
  9. On page 5 here a couple users mention a way to get rid of the overlay. I've tried everything they've said so far and it's not working. No matter what I do, when I start NES through RetroArch and Hyperspin the overlay comes back. Hoping there is a fix and someone is willing to provide step-by-step detail on how to fix it. Until this can be permanently fixed I won't be using Hyperspin for Android as the overlays ruin it.
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