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  1. Last I checked there weren't many Japanese manuals available. Does anyone know where to get then from. Thanks
  2. I was really hoping to get it going but no matter where I put the hyperspin folder it didn't launch. Oh well. My cabinet is in storage currently (sold our house and renting currently) but once I get a new place I'll send a pic (with the light guns mounted hopefully). I'm not a big lightgun user but I'm sure others will get a kick out of it.
  3. I couldn't ever get this working, going to sell the shield I had just purchased off eBay. Going to get lightguns for my cabinet instead.
  4. yeah I downloaded a fresh hyperspin as Directed to and I placed it on an SD card. When I use the launcher downloaded from the playstore nothing happens. does the Hyperspin folder I place on the shield need to be in a specific location? I tried on the SD card and I tried on the built in memory of the shield.
  5. I just got a shield portable today but I am struggling with this setup. I downloaded hyperspin from the playstore and retro arch but haven't got it up and running yet. Hyperspin doesn't launch. when I try to launch it it just flashes a grey screen very quickly which says hyperspin in the top left and immediately closes. I tried to set up a hyperspin folder on a sdcard but that didn't seem to work and I also put it in the android folder of the standard storage are a of the shield and that didn't seem to help either... if someone has this working I would really appreciate some guidance. Thank you!
  6. Do you have a link to where you have seen these for reference? I was thinking about trying to create a fade that did that.I would love to see what you are talking about. Thanks
  7. What did you end up doing? Just curious.
  8. I've purchased a different cabinet and the owner of rec room was great to communicate with. I bet he would give the dimensions to you if you asked because you needed to make sure it was going to fit or because you were going to do vinyl artwork on every side or something like that.
  9. These are absolutely stunning!!! Could you also release a set without the glossy sheen as well? I think some will prefer it since those boxes were cardboard. My jaw is still on the floor though with how beautiful these are.
  10. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/2320-ftp-access-must-read/
  11. I apologize if I am missing something but the the "Old FTP" folder is not working for me. Its still suppose to be possible to access all of those old user folders right or did I miss something? Thanks
  12. This sounds like very good news!
  13. How do you have it set for player 2, 3 and 4 though? That's the issue I always run into.
  14. that is exact. but I got it to work just now. I had to add the .exe at the end so now my setting that work look like this: [Main] Menu_Mode=multi Single_Mode_Name=Nintendo Wii Enable_Exit_Menu=true Enable_Exit=true Exit_Default=yes Exit_Action=exit Version= Last_System=Nintendo Entertainment System Hyperlaunch_Path=E:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe I didn't think you had to type .exe I thought you just needed RocketLauncher. Whew. I knew someone could kick my butt in the right direction. Thank you Austin! Can I delete Hyperlaunch from my hyperspin folder then? I have no clue why it is still there since I did the 1.4 upgrade and am using rocketlauncher.
  15. Hey Austin! Thanks for responding so quickly. My hyperspin folder is just called HyperSpin I have changed it to point towards rocketlauncher (which I just thought the actual launcher exe just never got renamed when they upgraded to rocketlauncher) and I get the same issue: [Main] Menu_Mode=multi Single_Mode_Name=Nintendo Wii Enable_Exit_Menu=true Enable_Exit=true Exit_Default=yes Exit_Action=exit Version= Last_System=Nintendo Entertainment System Hyperlaunch_Path=E:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher\ and I don't know what the transition tool is... I did follow your video though when I did the fresh install.
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