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  1. I was really hoping to get it going but no matter where I put the hyperspin folder it didn't launch. Oh well. My cabinet is in storage currently (sold our house and renting currently) but once I get a new place I'll send a pic (with the light guns mounted hopefully). I'm not a big lightgun user but I'm sure others will get a kick out of it.
  2. I couldn't ever get this working, going to sell the shield I had just purchased off eBay. Going to get lightguns for my cabinet instead.
  3. yeah I downloaded a fresh hyperspin as Directed to and I placed it on an SD card. When I use the launcher downloaded from the playstore nothing happens. does the Hyperspin folder I place on the shield need to be in a specific location? I tried on the SD card and I tried on the built in memory of the shield.
  4. I just got a shield portable today but I am struggling with this setup. I downloaded hyperspin from the playstore and retro arch but haven't got it up and running yet. Hyperspin doesn't launch. when I try to launch it it just flashes a grey screen very quickly which says hyperspin in the top left and immediately closes. I tried to set up a hyperspin folder on a sdcard but that didn't seem to work and I also put it in the android folder of the standard storage are a of the shield and that didn't seem to help either... if someone has this working I would really appreciate some guidance. Thank you!
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