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  1. Shermo


  2. Hyperspin rig I just done for myself is A8 6600k OC to 4.5ghz (got for free or it would of been a intel) 8gb ram 750ti Runs great in all honesty
  3. On videos it just downloads all of them instead of reading the xml file to what you have EDIT Just tried Hypersync and it downloaded just what was in my xml file
  4. Good to know, will be going through mine (around 120) multiple bin files are the bain of my life atm
  5. This is why you don't skimp on a emulation system with amd...They are far from overpriced, get what you pay for, the i3 outperforms the 6300 on pc games for instance and is $10 more...
  6. The prick lol But I think aorin had something going like that
  7. Wow! FTP is super clean nice and easy to find stuff now Great work!
  8. Shermo


    I was going to get a m2 ssd for the windows 10 upgrade but plumped for a 250 evo. They seem a little expensive for little gain in the real world no doubt they run beastly on benchmarks but real world stuff is not even a second difference in some things.
  9. Shermo


    Ssd lifespan is a old wives tale. Last longer if anything Proof here, I'm ssd right the though on my gaming rig they are cheap enough quiet and instant load on most games make it a no brainer to me http://techreport.com/review/27436/the-ssd-endurance-experiment-two-freaking-petabytes
  10. These look awesome best I've seen for mega cd. Look forward to seeing these in the flesh
  11. Use the startup script in the download section, I still use it on 1.4 for the same reason
  12. They have the highest failure rate, there is a test somewhere online, 3 years using different drives. Hitachi was top Seagate was quite far behind in last place.
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