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  1. Just a PSA. I switched from Xpadder to Controller Companion for my arcade cabinet: http://controllercompanion.com/ It's so much better. The Xbox Home button is bindable and works, it supports secondary bindings using a modifier key, and there's no ridiculous auto-profile and focusing issues to deal with. The only thing it can't do that xpadder does is support custom bindings for multiple controllers (multiple controllers work-just not with independent bindings). But I have yet to think of a reason why I'd ever need this.
  2. Searching that forum for anything always generates a cacophony of unrelated multi-page threads. I searched this problem in google and it led me here.
  3. 562 downloads

    EDIT: 2/28/2019 I've had a few PMs that it hasn't worked since they merged MESS with regular MAME. I'm looking into it, will fix if I can, but I'm honestly shocked there would still be a need for this for anybody. People in the community maintain and share HyperSpin XMLs, that is where you should look should you feel a need to use this tool. This will create Hyperspin databases based on MESS romsets. The databases will include name, description, manufacturer, and year.
  4. http://gizmodo.com/this-amazing-80s-arcade-is-the-best-virtual-reality-tri-1655723292
  5. Sorry about that. Here it is, thanks: http://pastebin.com/JTUg8sDX So after looking at this I got rid of the two big ones. I added my rom folder to Windows Indexing, and I disabled the HL Keymapper (I just use the emulator's own input config or else I use xpadder's own autoprofiler). So after doing that and turning off all logging, I selected Qbert and the fade screen came up very quickly. Less than half a second. So thanks a million for your help this is light years of an improvement. But it still would be great to have some kind of instant audio and/or visual indication of a button press.
  6. Hyperlaunch log: http://pastebin.com/z6JJ3X7n Hyperspin log: http://pastebin.com/ZUnru3Ua
  7. It takes over a full second at the very least for all systems. I'm running it on a pretty powerful machine too. I'll post a log ASAP.
  8. Has this ever been addressed? It's actually a bit of a problem. There's no indication that the button was pressed firmly. I use Hyperlaunch but the FadeIn screen still takes a few seconds to show up.
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