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  1. Version 20100423


    These scans have been cleaned with great care so they are perfectly round and without any jaggs or so allowing for them to spin in HS looking crisp I didn't do them myself, credit for them goes to the following people: Z80: For collecting the scans and editing them to be easy to work with bbneo: For cleaning half the scans and do 11 custom ones for missing games HellSassa69: For cleaning the other half of the scans The only thing I did was telling bbneo and HellSassa69 how to clean the scans so they would look alike and a few minor last touches on some scans. Scans are only avalible for games that have videos (in other words games that work). Enjoy the scans and feel free to do whatever you want to them as long as you give cred to the guys who made them possible
  2. Version 20100323


    Pong (Rev E) external [TTL] - pong (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  3. Version 20100413


    Got-cha Mini Game Festival - gotcha (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  4. Version 20100413


    Rebound - rebound (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  5. Hey joch sorry to bother you again but when i went to that site to download it i had to sign up first, and it said their was no more room for more users but to keep trying back and i have been with no luck...Really dying for that supervision wheel art to complete that set so if it isnt to much....Thanx again and keep up the good work!

  6. Hi man, I don't have those themes on my current PC right now. I have them shared in a torrent over at underground-gamer.com, you could grab them there (it's the hyperspin project - frontend torrent)? How about it? :) Or I could get them of my cab but then you'd have to wait, I'll be doing some HS maintenance soon :)

  7. Hey Jock....I have been going crazy looking for the watara Supervision wheel art and i happen to see your video on youtube...I have been looking everywhere on the FTP for it and just cannot seem to find it. Is it on their or if not can you upload it or send link for it its like the only wheel art im missing now....Thanx dude you really do great work...

  8. RCA Studio Ii theme you did is nice :) I will up my themes later. Look forward to yours Jochitko. Its 1st generation theme and hyperspin inclusion is what I think will be the problem. Limited simulators (no emulators) and basic lack of software hardly warrants their own theme inclusion.

  9. You been promising people themes for months now so I wont hold my breath. Seems sharing isnt a Hyperspin strong point, with many people making their own themes just to bosh them on youtube for all to drool over. Well, time for me to get my theme creation cap on.

  10. I dont think I can survive without more themes in that time :P I have done loads myself.

  11. I have made them myself and I will upload them soon, promise :) In about 10 or so days would be my guess, but I'm not sure.

  12. Hi

    I watched your work in progress for Hyperspin illustrating alot of system themes including their main menu themes which I cannot source on either Emumovies ftp or Hyperspin ? Have you created these yourself and if so could you possibilty upload them ?

  13. Great work on those GB covers! :)

  14. Love those letter packs you are doing, keep em up :) May I request a PSX letter pack if you feel like it? ^^

  15. Thank you :) I can upload my whole themes folder for you, but I haven't 100% finnished them all so I'll be uploading them properly to the HS FTP in a few weeks. As for the required space, my setup is taking up +/- 2 TB with all PSX, Dreamcast and the other consoles you see in that video. I don't have PS2, GC and Wii.

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