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  1. I did not think anyone would use it part from me to be honest... I'll see what I can do in the near future. Edit: Oh! "I made a tutorial". Go right ahead =)
  2. I also have this "problem" where I dont know if it reacted to the keypress or not before fade pops up 2-3 seconds later, but in my case, its because I run the whole thing from the network so I just guessed it would not happen when and if I put it locally instead.
  3. There are also a few programs/script to show a random one at each startup. Heres mine =) http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?34410-Hyperspin-startup-script-that-can-show-a-slideshow-random-intro-movies-map-network
  4. That explains it perfectly well, thanks! Looking forward to it.
  5. Hm, just curious here, not trying to be an ass. What was wrong with HyperSync? Apart from the "not saving settings between systems" which is easily fixed with a backup of your C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\HyperSync files.
  6. Perhaps 2 of - any one of the following - http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=amiga&_sop=10&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xprogrammable+usb+keypad&_nkw=programmable+usb+keypad&_sacat=0
  7. Also had an intellivision and bought one again a year or so ago. My favorite game is and was "Dungeons and Dragons: Tresure of Tarmin" but it uses almost all keys so very hard to program my X-Arcade for it. I have to use both joysticks. I'm thinking of buying two numerical keyboards (just the numerical part) and using them as joystick extenders for just these systems. Not sure how though. One is no problem, but two? They both output the same keys.
  8. Great. Glad to be of help =) And just a future note, if you find that, when you start the game through HyperLaunch (.. hyperspin) and one or more keys do not work that you've remapped, they are probably used elsewhere. I've only found that the "Exit Emulator key" can not be remapped but I bet there are others as well.
  9. Sure, I can do that, but remember that I am a n00b at this as well, so it might not be the correct way or even intended this way =) First: The downside! Doing it this way means you have to launch your emulators through HyperLaunch. If you start them manually or with any other launcher, the keys will be all wrong of course. In HyperLaunchHQ, select your system you want to remap on the left. Go to Settings and make sure "Ahk Method" is set to "Internal". This enables the whole thing. Also in the Keymapper field, make sure the other settings are false. So in other words: Enabled: false Keymapper: Empty JoyIds Enabled: false Ahk Method: Internal I have actually not used any other keymapper at the same time. Might work I guess =) Still with your system selected, go to Keymapper In the AutoHotKey tab (first one), click Add (green cross) if you want to make changes to all games for the whole system. If you only want the settings for a particular game in that system, press the little arrow next the the green + and select "Game Profile" instead. Those changes will only be for that game that you select then. If you use multiple emulators for the same system and only want the changes for a specific emulator, click the Emulator profile instead. Now that we have created an AHK profile, select it in the list below. You now have two ways to configure the remapping. 1: In the bottom field, just click the green plus and it will tell you how it works (basically, press original key and then press the key it should act as instead). Keep pressing + for evey key. 2: Free edit mode. You can jump to this mode whenever you want. If you add a key with the first method first, you'll see how you should type it out manually (orgkey::newkey). Even if you've used method one but want to change a key, switch to Free Edit Mode and edit or delete the key as you want. When done, remember to click the "Save current Ahk profile" button that is only lit up in Free Edit Mode (and only needed in Free Edit Mode). Some keys, of course, does not type anything when pressed, such as control. Just change out of Free Edit Mode and do the first method for it, then you'll see what you have to type for it ( remapping left control to n, for example, is LControl::n ) When you are finished, you can click the green lightning icon (test selected ...) at the top to test your settings. Some things I've noticed with the x-arcade. Sometimes it shows a weird code instead, like vkA2sc01D::c. That seems to work as well, but its ugly as I have no idea what vkA2sc01D is. When that happens, I just switch to free edit mode, remove it and try again. Usually its correct on the second try. Sometimes it works in HyperLaunchHQ but not in the emulator I start, or only some keys work. When this happens (only happened once or twice), I simply remove the profile and restart. That at least worked for me. Edit: See Edit2 at the end. Now then, I guess you need to configure your new keys in the emulator. The problem is that if you start the emulator through HyperLaunch and make changes, they are not always saved. The guides say that you should configure your emulator outside of HyperLaunch, but how do you do that when your new keybindings are only in effect if you launch it through HyperLaunch? Two ways: 1: Either just hit the new keys manually in the emulator but then you have to remember which keys you've remapped to what. Not always easy. 2: Go back to the KeyMapper and press the green lightning to test your settings. Now, the new keymappings are actually used EVERYWHERE while the test window is up, so while its up, start your emulator manually and do the keybindings. If you want to setup the exact same keymappings for another system, you can copy the old settings in Free Edit Mode and just paste them into the other system (also in Free Edit mode). Edit: This is the one I use for the SSF (Sega Saturn Emulator) as its kinky as hell on which buttons work. ; One / Two Player buttons 1: 2: ; Joy 1 directions. Numpad8::Up Numpad4::Left Numpad2::Down Numpad6::Right ; Joy1 buttons LControl::q LAlt::w Space::e LShift::r z::t x::y c::u 5::i ; Joy 2 directions r::a d::s f: g::f ; Joy 2 buttons. a::g s::z q::x w::c e::v vkDDsc01A::b vkBAsc01B::n 6::m Edit2: One last thing. I dont know if this is a bug or not. You can NOT remap keys set as your "Exit Emulator key". If you have, say "a" as an exit key, you can not remap it. Also seems that you can not set a different exit key per system, only global, so do not try to remap any keys that you use as an exit key right now. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?34562-Keymapper-AutoHotKey-not-always-kick-in-when-launching
  10. The only annoying thing about remapping the keys is if the x-arcade loses power, you have to hit the reprogram button at the back twice to reload you settings. Very annoying which is why I use the default for all emulators. If an emulator does not support ctrl or alt etc, I just remap it in HyperLaunchs Keymapper instead, before configuring that particular emulator.
  11. Small update. As usual, I do workarounds that is not needed. I found out that my HyperHQ.exe and HyperSpin.exe takes so long to start because of Windows Defender, NOT because I run it over the network, so the use of IrfanView to display a slideshow while it loads is now pretty useless =) Still, I'll add a mandatory 15 seconds pause in the script (for me) and a little movie + loading gif to allow windows to settle down and load its services before launching hyperspin. Makes for a much smoother startup. Strange thing is that I had my hyperspin folder excluded in Windows Defender but it does not seem to be excluded. If I turn off Realtime scanning all together its blazing fast. Weird. Yeah... this is strange. Exclusions seems to have no effect. I have to turn off Realtime protection all together. Fudge. So, I've excluded all my drives in "Excluded files and locations". Still scans it with real-time scan. I've excluded the processes HyperHQ.exe and HyperSpin.exe. Still scans them with real-time scan. The only thing that works is excluding file types and entering in "exe", but that kinda makes the whole real-time scanner moot. What a piece of junk software (Windows defender, not HyperSpin) =)
  12. Edit: Already put up a little 1.1 update so you can use your own Slideshow.txt file in IrfanView =) Edit2: See post #8 in this thread if you want a script for random intro video and do not care about slideshows and stuff. Greetings. I run Hyperspin from my network at the moment. The problem with this is that it takes close to 2 minutes to start. I got bored with this so I made a script that uses IrfanView to display a slideshow and play a little music or a video while I wait. I also wanted a random Intro.flv movie for when Hyperspin starts up, so it does that too, if you want. Third, since this particular computer boots so fast, the network is not 100% up yet when it tries to launch Hyperspin, so that script will check if the file exists first. If not, wait a little and try to map it manually. (yes, I know I can set a policy to wait for network =) ) All settings can be disabled, so if you only want it to show a slideshow (if your hyperspin startup is slow like mine) or just want to use it to show a random startup movie, you can! PS. If you only want to use it for a random startup movie, you only need the MapAndStartHyperSpin.vbs file. Set IrfanView="FALSE" and MapTo="" if so. Its available here: http://www.grandis.nu/downloads/MapAndStartHyperSpin_1.1.rar Also on my ftp: grandis.nu:21 username and pass: misc Here is the readme I tossed togheter:
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