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  1. I finally created an official OpenBOR thread here. I'm hoping there is enough interest to really get the ball rolling. Many users have created media / videos, but they are so scattered throughout the web.
  2. @thatman84 I will be creating a thread soon in the appropriate sub forum. Just wanted to make an initial post here since my post was all over the map lol @marxkemp's happens to be what I used in my HS setup an gave me a base to start from.
  3. Hey fella's, been a while! @thatman84 Congrats on the shiny new admin badge! I've been away from the scene for a while. Just life in general. Read the occasional update on Tapatalk, but after I removed Tapatalk (for creating & signing me up to their forum chatrooms without my consent), I didn't get those updates anymore. Back in December I got to researching Raspberry Pi and mini console cases, and was impressed with what it was capable of. Once I got to setting up RetroPie, well, you know how it goes......... Which brings me back to here. I have been messing around with OpenBOR on the Raspberry Pi. (More than one controller is recognized!) The user darknoir created a Command Line Interface to directly load a OpenBOR game (aka mod). I am not going to get into the whole story of the progress but you can read it over here (tutorial-openbor-the-complete-guide) or here (openbor-6xxx-openbeta-testphase). You will even get some insight as to the resentment thatman felt over on Chrono Crash forums. With that said, we now have OpenBOR 3400 with CLI & .pak support (unsupported version - explanations in posts in the links above), as well as the latest (still unsupported, but duly noted) compiled from source, and patched with CLI, and OpenGL support (GL4ES for emulation station). All mods can be individually loaded from command line. I believe it may be possible to carry over those patches to the android version, but I'm no expert. Since we were previously confined to OpenBOR 3400 version, I went through approximately 200 games, seeing which ones worked on OpenBOR v3400. (OpenBOR is very version specific - backwards compatibility is only by chance). With the latest release, between the two versions nearly every mod is playable. Darknoir has taking my list a step further by creating a comprehensive list including file size, play status (working, not working, crash logs, and even personal opinions of the game), CRC, aspect ratio, players. I think OpenBOR compatibility is due for a major overhaul, and along with that, an updated database and appropriate artwork/metadata. Since the mods are so version specific, we figured an appropriate naming convention would be like this: GAME NAME [v0.0] [build version] Example: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shell Shocked [Rev. 5853][v.3.0 Build 4394] Darknoir had already started creating metadata, logo's, screen shots, boxart, and video's. Here's a couple box art created by darknoir : @Circo I would like to recommend a long overdue overhaul to OpenBOR. I volunteer to take on the task of recording videos to your latest standard. @THK @Metalzoic @Rain @relic @KlopjerO @Kondorito @BunglesI also would like to shine the HS Content Creator spotlight in the air to anyone that would be interested. Hyperspin has some of the most talented content creators, and absolutely the most dedicated! Hyperspin, and the talented artists involved created a new era of front end, helping to pave the way for this "retro revolution" we are seeing! (I entered the arcade scene starting to set up Mame Wah!, when I came across HS beta!) Thank you! Here are the games I have personally gone through, which will painstakingly get a proper rename: pastebin - OpenBOR Games List
  4. I just wanted to chime in to mention the way I had open BOR working by mapping player 2 controls to keyboard keys. Here is a link to the thread: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/index.php?/topic/26643-Openbor I ended up using a root method using sixaxis controller. I did manage to get it working with a non root app, I just can't remember exactly what I did. Formatted my shield shortly after and never messed with it any after that. So after this...... Mugen?!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. I look at hyperspin on Android as the red headed step child. It is still part of the hyperspin family, but doesn't get the love it deserves. This was a side project by rez, nothing official. If anyone with the dev skills for Android would like to help I'm sure rez would not oppose. Unfortunately, I don't have much I can offer on that front. I would love to see Android get a fully supported port. We can only hope for it in HS 2.0 For now, I can put finishing my cabinet on the back burner since I can play it all on shield tv and am focusing making a virtual pinball machine. I made a theme for arc browser that gives it a cleaner look which is hosted on their download page under my username. You may also be interested in retrobox tv which last I used, was gearing towards having video & artwork. Sent from my HTC U11 using Tapatalk
  6. Nintendo Game Boy.XML View File I noticed the latest Gameboy database (1.2 03/06/2016) had duplicates, so I updated the database by removing duplicate games (rev A versions) Submitter BiZzAr721 Submitted 07/22/2017 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  7. Version 1.2 7/22/2017


    I noticed the latest Gameboy database (1.2 03/06/2016) had duplicates, so I updated the database by removing duplicate games (rev A versions)
  8. I haven't even begun to have a chance to test it out, but I wanted to thank [email protected] and reassure you there still is interest in the android version. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. I sure am glad I made this post (and with this system no less) I was messing with Hyperbase Live, forgot to back up the database and lost it. It was customized to include Jap Translated with genres. Let this be a public service announcement: ALWAYS remember to back up when working with setting and database files!
  10. I went through all my video folders and sorted by size, so I can get all the emu movies "no video" videos together to easily select and delete and then used a screenshot .png for those. Then I have a generic "no video" video for games without any video or screenshot. The video I found on the ftp a while back, which has the colored vertical bars like from the TV emergency broadcast tests and says something like "no video". I can't remember who created it but I will try to find it if you'd like. It looks better than the red triangle. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. @eymannmachhin you got the right idea. That will make the transition much easier Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. Still here! Following the forums just enough to see this post. Since I moved to the hacked WiiU for playing n64, gamecube, wii & wii u, that thrill of a new mupen64 or dolphin nightly is gone. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  13. I never followed through with it, but I was looking at using DosBox Turbo I bought it using Google rewards credit, but never even got as far as installing it let alone look for the run commands Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. I don't know where this stands but I figured I'd post the latest settings that work, just to keep it simple for the next person. exe=org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu/org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu.ui.main.TvMainActivity romextension=zip,iso parameters=AutoStartFile I have the latest dolphin nightly downloaded through f-droid
  15. For n64 and sega 32x I don't know of any setup when going through hyperspin besides running retroarc the 1st time and downloading the 2 cores needed unless you want to change button mapping. I don't believe either use a bios file. I use both gamesome and arcBrowser. Gamesome is by far the simplest and the developer is great. (and free, with donate version) Very dedicated and open to suggestions as you can see on the Google plus page https://plus.google.com/communities/113067263558786832320 Arc browser is pretty simple as well, but isn't free. I created a theme which can be found at nvidiashieldzone.com that works great with the 3d boxarts. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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