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  1. snstay


  2. snstay

    is hypersync down?

    Thanks gigs. Worked great and yeah i havent been around in a while.
  3. snstay

    is hypersync down?

    can log into emumovies but says could not recognize hyperspin.
  4. snstay

    game and watch stuff needed

    Dose anyone know if there is any game and watch media avalible? like mostly wheels and snaps. ive searched a little in the download section and cant find any. Thanks
  5. snstay

    Which mame now

    Hey all,now that mameuifx is not around which one would be the next choice?
  6. snstay

    List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    Great list, I like to add the fast versions of jr pacman and puckman as well as jungle boy because its got a diffrnent title and wheel art. Also afterburner is a clone that needs to be added.
  7. snstay

    My MAME 0.172 HLSL settings

    Quick question. I pasted the settings in the first post to check them out. I'm running 174. But when I launch in hlsl I get a black screen but can hear the sound. When I launch in glsl the glsl shader works fine. Could that be a graphics card issue?
  8. snstay

    T-molding problem

    No it didn't I pulled the original off and it's bigger. Its still 3/4 in. Wide just a bigger channel. It was an old egg venture cab that I'm converting. It had a black t-molding but I'm going for a blue theme so I have the blue t molding all ready to go just want the best way to install the smaller barbs.
  9. snstay

    T-molding problem

    Ok thanks. But with glueing it in will it be sturdy enough to go around the corners or will I have to glue a staight edge and wait for it to dry before making the corner?
  10. snstay

    T-molding problem

    I'm on the final stretch of my cab and I need a t-molding with the barbs thicker than 1/16 in. I looked on the normal sites and they seem to be all 1/16 in. I heard people glueing it in but I don't want to go that route. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. snstay

    Best Sega Dreamcast Emulator 2016

    Sweet. Thanks for that.
  12. snstay

    Cabinet start up button

    If you feel adventurous you could wire up the power switch on the power strip and mount it outside. Me too what scooter said.
  13. snstay

    HyperHQ crashes

    Cool thanks
  14. snstay

    HyperHQ crashes

    Anyone else have this problem, when i try and set the rom path in mame hyperHQ crashes. Just that. Everything else seems fine. Seems to have started when i updated to windows 10.
  15. snstay

    Hb mame

    For example abortman is a Pac man homebrew where you as Pac man are a fetus and coat hanger ghosts are trying to get you. Weird shit like that.