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  1. Have done it few days ago no luck The same error. Cant find Vpinball.exe Outside of HP all works fine, only in HP is the problem
  2. it works with Hyperpin or the HyperPin_v1.0.exe
  3. i have installed AutoHotkey B2S Backglass Server Direct X 9.0c B2S_ScreenResEditor.exe Net Framework 3.5 includes 2.0 and 3.0 NET Framework 4 for XML i use Hyperpin Editor.exe Compatibility mode for hp same as for vp i dont use uvp only b2s with 2 monitors settings for 2 monitors 1680 1050 1680 1050 2 0 0 600 200 0 0 0
  4. someone has a solution for hyperpin can not find vpinball.exe. Have just installed vpx all in one.exe but no vpinball.exe found in vp. [Visual Pinball] Show_Games = true Path = C:\Visual Pinball\ Table_Path = C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\ Table_Video_Path = C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Table Videos\ Table_Image_Path = C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Table Images\ Backglass_Image_Path= C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Backglass Images\ Exe = VPinball.exe
  5. Thank you all for the support. all my settings are ok thanks to you all and HP.fe have no more questions about DT. I will keep using DT its working fine and fast. The Link shell extension i keep that in mind.
  6. Thumbs up for the Tutorial.. I liked it. Installed the first Hs Correct for H drive + DT. (DT-0) (D) [sCSI-0] (L) And if i start HS 2 on the N drive can i use the same drives or must i make new drive's for N with DT.
  7. Oh ok I will rember that of DT. is there any others like DT for free? Or is DT one of the Best. Different wheels on Hs Its looking beter and beter. Working now on my other pc to create some place for my Drives. Almost ready. Cheers
  8. Thank you fast reply. The new update of Hs is looking much beter and is more friendlier than the older one. Cant wait to work furder on my projects. . So if i understand i dont need Deamon tool for the 1.3 or 1.4 version of Hs and RocketLauncher is all, and no other programs. And if i update it to newer Hs will i need to adjust all the settings for my controllers? or are only the paths enough? Like paths for the emulator or roms. Just bought 4Tb voor N Drive Thanks.
  9. Dear Gamers. Is it possible to install 2x hyperspin? I've 1 HS running on H Drive and dont want to destroy it. So i want to build a new HS on N Drive location. How to deal with ahk - module - deamon tool Or will HS crash? Running win 8 pro and older version of HS Thank you
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