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  1. Can you, by chance, post your XML? I'm trying to build a list of Gun Games, as I'm building a GunCade myself.
  2. Mr Black Arm

    Mr Black Arm

  3. Late entry. Mine is simple. I have a black tattooed arm and I'm a dude.
  4. So after selling my cab and playing the other games of life, I decided to come back and build a small HyperSpin setup. I see A LOT has changed (on the forum and with HyperLaunch). My question, is there a thread or somewhere someone can point me to that will catch me up to speed? I started again from scratch, getting roms and artworks, no issues there. My problem is with HyperSpin, actually, probably HyperLaunch. What the heck happened to the previous simple, out-of-the-box and ready to go setup? I setup 50+ systems in the past, but now I can't even get MAME to launch. Any tutorials?
  5. I'm coming to the party late, so this is all fairly new to me. Having it setup to light up the usable buttons and give a button description when the game is paused is awesome.
  6. Are there any known issues with HyperSpin automatically taking focus mid gameplay?
  7. Nice work. I started to separate my setup by manufacturer, but found it difficult when looking for certain games and not knowing what company made it. I eventually put it back under one wheel (Arcade) and eventually condensed other "systems" into it as well (Sega Model 2, Neo Geo, Type X/2, etc.). Looks really good though. Thanks for the contribution.
  8. Mr Black Arm

    MAME No Nag

    http://headsoft.com.au/index.php?category=mame&page=mc64 Ridiculously easy.
  9. I agree. I'm on personal HyperSpin "build" v 1.7 now (just moved my box art as the wheel and made it look like cover flow). After this one is done though, I'm going to finally take a long awaited break and play on my new pedestal.
  10. Do you happen to have a screenshot of what these dividers look like?
  11. To cougar and everyone else in this thread, as of now I am uploading almost 900 bezel zips to go straight into your MAME/artwork directory. Also included are the compiled bezels from http://www.cooleywire.com/jimmyh/mame/artwork.html - They are under upload here/Dante Diamond Enjoy!
  12. I have those included in my set as well. Very easy to setup, just monotonous and tedious.
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