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  1. 8BitMonk


  2. I'm a platinum member and Hypersync isn't accepting my Hyperspin credentials.
  3. Does the horizontal wheel finally go L/R when you move L/R or do you still have to push U/D.
  4. I appreciate the efforts to update the site but losing subscriptions really sucks. Would've been nice to know ahead of time so we could copy out useful info since most people aren't going to remember everything they subscribed to. Also, is there a main RSS feed for the entire forum that goes back more than the 10 most recent?
  5. I think the last version of PSXmame was from 2009/09/03 and uses the .133 mame romset. The more common version floating around seems to be from 2009/04/17. I haven't been able to fully verify a PSXmame rom set using any of the dats I've found or by creating one from an executable. djvj has a dat file on the FTP site, there's also one in the version I found here that is compiled with no nag and direct input. All of the dats seem to differ, not sure which is correct.
  6. The game is Bloody Roar 2. I don't remember the arcade versions being that pixelated along the straight lines at all, the 3D versions all seem much closer to what I remember though I haven't seen an original arcade version for years. My screenshot is more detailed than the original game would be because we were viewing them on a low res arcade monitors. Kind of hard to tell in the videos I'm looking at: I would highly suggest anyone considering ditching the 3D emulators at least get one game setup properly (in Zinc, SegaM2 etc.) so you can judge for yourself. I much prefer the 3D versions. I only recently discovered this and have been setting up PSXMame and been impressed with the results. It uses similar rendering plugins to Zinc with a mame executable, there are also more supported games. It has it's own little quirks for setup as well though. It should also be mentioned that some of these games are emulated as well or better in the console version, the ps1 version of Tekken 3 is a good example. This can be a good alternative to both the mame and zinc version in some cases.
  7. I've been using Zinc for many years and have never heard of it randomly deleting files or had that happen to me. The 'well-known' issue with Zinc is that it can be difficult to setup but it's not as daunting as some people make it out to be, plenty of resources floating around to make it simpler. The end result (to me at least) is worth it. You mustn't have played a lot 3D games in the arcade if you think the way Mame currently renders them is accurate, that's not how the originals looked.
  8. 'eat your configs'... that doesn't even make any sense. Have you setup Zinc before? It really isn't that difficult, just use Aldo's Zinc FE. The quality difference between zinc (any 3D emu) and mame is drastic. Mame is on the left in the examples below.
  9. The games look way better in Zinc (same with Sega M2/M3 emus) because they're using 3D rendering. It may run at the right speed in Mame but it looks crappy.
  10. If you're looking for a cheap computers you should try arrowdirect.com. There's a discount code 'us20' running right now that will get you an additional 20% off. That's probably going to get you the most bang for your buck.
  11. Have you considered including a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license? Haven't looked into the full legalities but this may be a deterrant from certain jerks including your work bundled into the hard drives they sell. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/
  12. Are you sure you didn't have it set to an analog map in UltraMap? That's the only time I've seen something like that, if there's a wierd map assigned to it, mouse or analog. Be sure to set it to a 4-way map and confirm in UltraMap and Devices and Printers-->Game Controller Properties that it only registers in 4 directions. Also, there's a high/med/low wheel setting in HyperHQ, try setting it to low. Then go into HS and try again. Try with both joysticks, is it better on one or the other? You may want to also verify that it works by other means, ie. the keyboard or a trackball, spinner or mouse if you have them hooked up.
  13. LED Blinky sets the map to 4-way (or whatever you want) for Hyperspin and then changes to the appropriate maps on the fly when you launch each game so you don't have to manually change them. It's one of the big benefits of the U360's, you don't have to change a restrictor or manually switch from 4-way to 8-way or push the maps to the joysticks with UltraMap etc. There are also specialized maps like diagonal for Q-bert and 8-way with easy diagonals for fighting games. Yes, Sneetch is running his in output mode, ie. all of the directional and button wires go through a keyboard encoder rather than hooked up via usb and directly to the buttons. In this mode you lose all of the benefits of being able to change the digital maps and it's basically just a (expensive) standard joystick. There's no need for you to be running your button wires through the encoder, you can hook them up directly to the buttons and they will show up as gamepad buttons rather than keystrokes.
  14. The wheel spinning indefinitely was likely a settings issue rather than the fact that it was in input mode, you probably had it set to an analog map rather than 4-way which is super sensitive. Input mode is the preferred way to hook them up to get the most out of the digital maps, otherwise you're basically just using it like a normal 8-way joystick. Wanted to also mention that Mame has some built in mapping and the setting for it should be adjusted so as not to interfere with the UltraMap mapping. in the mame.ini change: -joystick_map auto to: -joystick_map 7778...4445 Details at the thread here: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=98058.0
  15. Ok so they're definitely in Input mode if they're showing in Devices and Printers which is good. Did you assign unique ID's to each joystick in Ultramap? The instructions are here. You need to unhook all of them but one, set the ID. Unhook all but the next one, set the ID, rinse and repeat until each has a unique ID. I have had problems in the past with Hyperspin not liking/matching the U360 id's and one or the other joystick not working in HS. It seems to work best if you leave the ID's in HS set to 0 and 1 and find a way to get the joysticks to be those ID's. Unfortunately you can't seem to change the ID manually in windows or set it with the 'Set Joy ID' button. I was able to change the usb ports where mine were plugged in to get it to work by unplugging other items. Unhook all of the other usb devices that you can for troubleshooting purposes and try to just get one to recognize in HS. I eventually got it to work through trial and error. If not, you can always just setup HyperLaunch to open xpadder when HS launches and map keys for it, it may be easier in the end. Once you've got that worked out you can move on to using LEDBlinky to set maps automatically.
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