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  1. brian_hoffman

    Front-End GameEx prepares something Very important

    I know Tom Spiers of Game Ex, he is a stand up guy. The GameEx front is a great MCE front end. It depends on what people want thier Cab to look like and do. I like both FE's, and both Devs BBB, Tom. In this secene of Emulation and FE's more choice is always a positive and both Devs are good people. I have used both softwares quite extensivley. One cannot go wrong in any direction, or software in my opnion when the cohoice is between these FE's. Brian Hoffman
  2. brian_hoffman

    Any Super Geniuses out there?

    maybe something like this?!? http://handheldsci.com/kb
  3. brian_hoffman

    Wreck It Ralph Sugar Rush Driving cab Project

    theres a sugar rush unity game on disney website
  4. brian_hoffman

    Wreck-It-Ralph (Fix It Felix Jr) cab project.

    Looking forward to seeing this in action.
  5. brian_hoffman

    Wreck-It-Ralph (Fix It Felix Jr) cab project.

    Here in California Disney has already taken the arcades out. The staff did not know why, but the whole wreck it section is closed off. I guess it was promotional only. I don't understand why they couldn't leave the games in their arcade..
  6. brian_hoffman

    HyperSpin 1.3 Update Release

    You missing something, like a DB etc.. Post your logs. Also, the Q & S keys are part of Hyperlaunch and can be changed if you find yourself hitting them on accident
  7. brian_hoffman

    HyperSpin 1.3 Update Release

    The wheel images are much improved, great work!
  8. brian_hoffman

    BBB's Mortal Kombat 9 Arcade Machine

    Dude, that is so fuckin sick. I cant wait to see it in person Thursday and at CAX! Boo Fucking ya!
  9. brian_hoffman

    Getting a monitor, dont call me crazy!

  10. brian_hoffman

    Help With Mame Parameters

    Probably not? I think it may be a driver issue. Though I understand you may have your latest and greatest driver installed correctly. Want to attach your MAME.ini that fails when set to ddraw?
  11. brian_hoffman

    Help With Mame Parameters

    Open your command prompt. Navigate to your mame directory. Type MAME.exe -cc Or whatever your MAME.exe may be. It will create a file called MAME.ini Edit the MAME.INI and you can set all those options and many more. Happy Gaming
  12. brian_hoffman

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    For the best support you may want to create a new thread in the support forum. Does it do this with all emulators or just MAME?
  13. brian_hoffman

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    That's because you either A) Do not know about the included HYPERHQ that is used to configure HS. OR Didn't know that if you DONT install individual themes you will have a single standard non overlapping theme that is not in your opinion cluttered. Go ahead and wait for 2.0 the rest of us will continue reading documentation, creating documentation and pointing grateful users in the right direction. If I am coming off as pissy it is only because your statements are vague and show clearly that you are just unfamiliar. A better composed statement would be "Hey I like HS is there anyway to make my themes look and uncluttered? Also, I am having a hard time editing all the INI's by hand. Do you have a configuration problem to help users like myself?
  14. brian_hoffman

    The real BadboyBill, BBB true identity.

    http://www.badboybill.com/thealbum/ I was amazed when I saw this and heard it, wow!