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  1. Here in California Disney has already taken the arcades out. The staff did not know why, but the whole wreck it section is closed off. I guess it was promotional only. I don't understand why they couldn't leave the games in their arcade..
  2. Hi Brian, I wanted to ask you a question. I was looking at you tube the other day and came across this man that had an amazing control panel and had you guys go out to his place and help him with his setup. How much do you charge for this ? Would really be interested in having you guys do the same.

  3. hello i have been talking to billy on skype and i am have some issues making my xml lists for the database if you have time we can chat or talk on skype that would help me out alot.



  4. If you have a minute I have a quick question. I have submitted my donation through paypal last friday and I have yet to see my status on the forums change. I have sent a message using the contacts link at the bottom of the page, but I dont show any messages sent when I look at my mail on the system. I wanted to make sure that I could also get FTP access. Any way to make sure every thing went ok?

  5. I sent a reply as best I could. Please review my visitor messages.


  6. thanks alot bryan for all the support

  7. Brian,

    I have been looking into shelling HyperSpin and ran across an old post of yours:

    Actually, I plan on releasing Shell.exe Boot.bmp Shutdown.exe in a pack along with some shelling tips for first time shellers. Right now these resources are in various places and for most part complete but not the final result. I want to re-do the shutdown.exe to include a splash screen. I want to create a few more boot.bmp for options. I need to create a tutorial for shelling along with tips and tricks.

    Then I will create an offical download pack. I posted these for the DIY'ers as they can get the results they are looking for without a tutorial.

    Did you ever release these in a download pack? I have found the boot.bmp and shell.exe as downloads but not sure if they are the most up to date. I looked on the wiki about shelling but did not see them. Could you let me know if you ever created the package or where I can get the most up to date versions.



  8. hi bryan u r the one who i wanna to find maybe u dont remenber me it me from gameex i need your help badly bro

  9. hey Brian,

    I downloaded the 800 or so themes for mame thinking that I can just extract all and all artork would be split into seperate artwork folders. Problem is that when i try to exract using Winrar, each theme is extracting as Artwork 1, Artwork 2 and so on. I know the manual fix would be renaming each piece of artwork the name of the matching rom, but I know there has to be a better/faster way then this. Can you please provide some guidence? Appreciate it!

  10. Belikeb3, PM me and I will provide you with some contact info.

  11. Sure! Id have to find it, it's here somewhere. :)

  12. Hi Brian ,

    you created a boot screen image for hyperspin could you post it to the forums or downlods

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