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  1. I'm wondering, does Pac Man Battle Royale exist for mame? Also, if so, does it work?
  2. Can someone please post a tutorial on how to successfully updtae from to 1.4 please? I tried to do this but it gets me nowhere and I just mess everything up. Luckily I have a back up of everything. Anyone succeed without messing everything up?
  3. I can tell you I just put in the Happ Competition joysticks. They are 8 way and perform great for 8 way and 4 way games such as pacman, donkey kong, etc.. Not issues or stutter at all. Price $8.00 US each. I wish the sticks were a bit stiffer but they do the job
  4. Thanks.. Funny thing.. It works fine today without any issues. I can't figure it out. Thanks for the post though
  5. Seems that hyperlaunch is running in the background after exiting some emulators such as Nintendo 64 and SuperNintendo. Doesn't happen all the time. Is there a fix for this?
  6. The fix.. It was to change the mame.ini keep aspect ratio option to 0. This is all it was. Thanks all for trying to help. Hyperlaunch does not like the keep aspect ratio for some reason. Anyhow, this fixed my mame issue and my neogeo resolutions.. (I'm running Mame for NeoGeo)
  7. I'm using Jumpstiles Mameuifx 158 version. Yes. It does run full properly via the executable. It also runs properly in HyperHQ when normal launch is checked. However, when I check 'Hyperlaunch' in HyperHQ and then start up make running through hyperlaunch, all the screens get compressed and all the resolutions are messed up. Is there some type of option I should be playing with in hyperlaunch somewhere that I don't know?
  8. Having this issue with SNK NEO Geo. I'm using Mame as the emulator. The screen is centered and I'm wondering if there is a way to change the resolution to go wide screen. Hope someone could help. Using standard resolution monitor.
  9. Actually, yes.. It does take a lot of time, patience and digging. But the end result is the best. I would recommend cloning one or two drives as a back up as you never want to do this again. But, take the time to make some friends, ask some questions and you'll not regret it. My advise is to do one system at a time and make it work first. Having several up and running never works and you get frustrated. Spend some dough on being a gold or platinum member and it actually gets to be fun!
  10. Does anyone know how to change the Hyperspin Main menu screen resolution?Trying to figure out a way to change it to 640 x 288. Thanks in advance..
  11. I added a pic of what I'm speaking of. Hopefully this can be added? The wrench would be the exit way to the windows desktop.
  12. Basically - 3 options to click on Exit Yes No (Wrench icon = exit to windows)
  13. Well... I'm wondering if this is out there or someone can implement this. Hyperspin booting directly is awesome. Exit and shutdown works great too.. But the issue is getting back into the windows screen at the exit menu. There no known way that I know to do this. Is it possible for someone to develop an icon or button on the exit screen to click so hypersin will exit to the windows screen for further configuration? This would be a sensible option I think. So instead of Exit Yes or No Maybe Exit Yes No or an icon such as a wrench to click on for windows?
  14. Ok.. Got it to work! This is how to make Daphne open up all laser disc games in 640 x 288 resolution for a Standard Resolution (CGA) monitor. The Command Lines: Dragon's Lair and Dragon's Lair 2 - use the below frame file -framefile C:\daphne\framefile\ -blend -ignore_aspect_ratio -blank_searches -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -homedir C:\daphne -useoverlaysb 1 -sound_buffer 4096 -fullscreen -opengl All other laser files: -framefile C:\daphne\framefile\ -ignore_aspect_ratio -blank_searches -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -homedir C:\daphne -useoverlaysb 1 -sound_buffer 4096 -fullscreen -opengl The difference between dragon's lair/dragon's lair 2 is the -blend option in the command line. This is truly necessary in DL and DL2 due to the video being a little distorted at time. -bend clears that up. Copy the command lines in their entirety. Change resolutions to what you wish at -x -y for your monitor setup. Enter HyperHQ. Highlight your daphne emulator in HyperHQ. Click on the module Icon on the right. Highlight the Daphne.AHK file and then click in the edit global module settings which is right above the daphne.ahk module. Enter rom settings. Click on each rom (for instance: lair) and on the lower right there is a parameters box: paste the above command lines here. Repeat the copy and paste for each of the rom files and all your games will show up in full screen and score board displays will also come up. Hope this helps. Only took a few days to figure out.
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