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  1. My rig is pretty cool.. And not that expansive.. Bought a cheap from ebay.. Then i bought a better case (rvz01) and a new gpu (gtx960 mini itx oc 2gb) and.. So well.. I5 4590. 8gb ram. 320gb ssd. Be quiet rock shadow LP cooler for CPU instead of stock cooler.. And 6tb external..
  2. Sure.. Here it is... =) http://pastebin.com/bU2V66wu Open ssf.ini .. remove all text. and paste it in from pastebin all content there.. =)) and save... tada!!
  3. I found a ssf.ini file which has 2 xbox360 controllers configured.. i just need a setup for one controller but... IF anyone wants it, i can fix a pastebin for it or wrap it up here. =) the SSF.ini seems to be for R13 version but... it works.. and im happy for that so..
  4. I did from scratch as well.. Andd it´s funy as hell,. Still not finished, far from.. But still 141 systems up and running so far.. But atleast 40% aren´t joystick configured thats my next goal for this setup =)
  5. Happens here too.. I usually closes any torrent programs i have.. Restarting hypersync.. And try again. Heh
  6. What resolution for Dolphin? Nathan...
  7. Tried pinnacle game profiler?? It launches the game/emulator profile of your choice whenever u start a emulator (exe) file.. The pinnacle can handle all sorts of gamepads.. And its quite easy to setup for your specific
  8. Only ten? Heh Volgarr the Viking Shank Shank 2 Trine Trine 2 TMNT - Out of the Shadows Double Dragon - Neon Double Dragon - Trilogy JUJU Pid Aces.of.the.Luftwaffe etc etc...
  9. Madrigal has alot.. Guess he is the contributor..
  10. Madrigal... Dime are from Sweden like me.. so ... =) Well i told him just to share his setup when his done..
  11. Dime: du får bju mig på din setup sen då..
  12. Weird.. Because hypersync downloads alot for me with my custom made xml....
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