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  1. Hello fellow member. Good-Day. I'm Bill! Looking for someone who have some experience and skill with troubleshooting the rocketlauncher backend. I keep getting this error message everytime I launch... 

    Retroarch requires to setup your system_directory an place bios roms in there for "Sega CD" to function. Please do this first by running RetroArch-Phoenix manually.

    Do you perhaps know what that is, It's driving me crazy. I been trying for days to get this thing to work. :) 

    1. Dime333


      Not sure. Sounds like you need to place some kind of bios files in the right directory. You should probably ask over at the RL forums.

  2. Looking good. Is this for the regular SNES database or is it for one that is based on pal versions of the games?
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