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  1. Version 0.5


    Extra custom covers created for usa/euro prototypes without official release and art available, i've added also covers for some homebrew games and a european cover for the snes mini starfox 2 in euro style (calling it starwing 2). I've used pal version box style and tried to mimic the style of oficial releases, i used some adverts art and other platform boxes. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Version 0.3


    Custom super famicom covers created by me for games without oficial retail release, distributed as digital content on satellaview or nintendo power service. Full List of games Nintendo Power Distribution Columns Derby Stallion 98 Doukyuusei 2 Famicom Bunko Hajimari No Mori Famicom Tantesi Club Part II Genjuu Ryodan Metal Slader Glory Director's Cut Oekaki Logic Oekaki Logic 2 Picross NP volumes 1 to 8 Power Loder Runner Ring Ni Kakero Super Famicom Wars Super Family Gelaende Wizardry I/II/III SATELLAVIEW Dynamitracer Excitebike bun bun mario stadium Gold Daisuki O.B Club Radical Dreamers Nusumenai Houseki Sutte Hakkun BS 2 EXTRA: PROTOTYPES AND LIMITED Sound Factory (Proto) Undake 30 Same Game Daisakusen Mario Version (Limited retail No BOX)
  3. @Kondorito Por otra parte, veo que tambien eres usuario de los foros de launchbox, puedo pedirte que subas este pack a la base de datos? Las portadas de famicom que hay son realmente malas y estoy sufriendo de lo lindo restaurando y buscando algunas por mi cuenta, y no es todos los casos los resultados valen la pena el esfuerzo. Si estas son de buena calidad porque has tenido acceso a buenos scans te pido que las subas alla.
  4. @KondoritoThe missing ones, as you see i'm doing it, but my sources are really bad. Las que faltan, como puedes ver estoy en ello pero mis fuentes son realmente malas.
  5. what are the requisites for platinum area?
  6. I'm trying to download to make wheels for the famicom thread and i get the message. You are not allowed to download that file.
  7. Freestate


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