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  1. Hey @fr0stbyt3 and the HS team, Thanks a lot for a new release. I was wondering if you guys could reproduce a problem with MAME when using portaudio? You guys can test this by sending the following to MAME: From what I've been told HS needs an update so portaudio has exclusive control over the audio device. mame64 nameofgame -sound portaudio -pa_api "Windows WASAPI" -pa_latency 0.003334 -audio_latency 1 or mame64 nameofgame -sound portaudio -pa_api "Windows WDM-KS" -pa_latency 0.003334 -audio_latency 1
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  3. That's awesome and I'm thinking about buying one plus the board from Russ. Since I don't have a cab how exactly would I get that to sit correctly on a shelf? Can I use something as a stand to keep it in the correct position? What would you suggest for someone wanting these, but don't have a cab yet?
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