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  1. Hey @fr0stbyt3 and the HS team, Thanks a lot for a new release. I was wondering if you guys could reproduce a problem with MAME when using portaudio? You guys can test this by sending the following to MAME: From what I've been told HS needs an update so portaudio has exclusive control over the audio device. mame64 nameofgame -sound portaudio -pa_api "Windows WASAPI" -pa_latency 0.003334 -audio_latency 1 or mame64 nameofgame -sound portaudio -pa_api "Windows WDM-KS" -pa_latency 0.003334 -audio_latency 1
  2. B2K24


  3. Use the 0.155 MAME.XML that I think brolly works on. Should be on the FTP. You can also set no clones in HyperHQ
  4. Looks Awesome. I'm anxiously waiting
  5. B2K24

    Mame 0.153

    For those that use usenet and don't want to bother with torrent sites. Look here http://tinyurl.com/ltg6sn7
  6. I don't know about ATI cards much, but have 0 problems with my Nvidia GTX 760
  7. Don't forget to check out VPUniverse It's got awesome stuff for VP as well as some stuff for FP. HyperPin using the latest FPLaunch1.295wip10 2 screens working wonderful here
  8. Are you using the latest FPLaunch1.295wip10? I'm not having any problems after recently hooking up HyperPin
  9. I just found this site and I'm appreciating how it's community driven and not like a Dictatorship as a few sites are unfortunately that way. Dazz, you did so much for VPF site and I know for a fact many people only found that site because of the incredible work you do for this site and HS among other places. Getting banned off a site is not fun and I was sorry to read that it happened to you. I've been there are done that a few times around and it's a real shame especially when you've done nothing wrong and it's not even your fault. I wish you success with the not so new site anymore and things are looking really good over there Keep up the great and awesome work as you have always done
  10. That's awesome and I'm thinking about buying one plus the board from Russ. Since I don't have a cab how exactly would I get that to sit correctly on a shelf? Can I use something as a stand to keep it in the correct position? What would you suggest for someone wanting these, but don't have a cab yet?
  11. this dat is for 1.0 that you can run though clrmamepro. First do a scan and fix to your set then if some misses rebuild using other sources such as MAME ROMs or NonMAME ROMs etc. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10573028/SEGA_Model_2_Emulator_v1.0.zip
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