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  1. KMHamel

    retroarch for Jaguar

    I just went to hyperlaunchhq and it didn't have a retroarch module for jaguar. I even went to "get" and updated. Is there something I'm missing?
  2. KMHamel

    retroarch for Jaguar

    If you don't mind me asking, what are your settings for the audio. Does retorarch update the core software when there is an update to the emulator the core is taken from? I assume that since the core is named Atari jaguar (virtual jaguar) that the core came from said emulator.
  3. KMHamel

    Hello from BadBoyBill

    Welcome back, good to hear you are refreshed and ready to go.
  4. KMHamel

    retroarch for Jaguar

    I have been using virtual jaguar for the last two years and it does an ok job. I have just seen that RetroArch will do Jaguar. Has anyone used retroarch to run Jaguar? How does it do? I tried one game and the sound was pretty funky using retroarch but ran fine using virtual Jaguar. I figured I didn't have the audio set right in retroarch. This will be the first time I ran retroarch so I'm still a noob with this emulator.
  5. I was setting up NullDC and found a workaround for getting the second controller to work in NullDC. I'm using two rotary U360's. Of course, you need to setup both port A and port B in maple to the purupuru input (for pads). Set controller 1 as usual. Exit out of nulldc and edit the Nulldc cfg file in you nulldc folder. Scroll down to PuruPuru_pad_2 and find joyid=0 and change it to 1. Start nulldc again and setup port b in maple using your second player joystick. When you click on ok, nulldc will save all your changes but it will change back the joyid to 0 in purupuru_pad_2. Go back and edit the nulldc cfg file again and change back joyid to 1. You are now ready to play with two players. As long as you don't setup your controls in maple again the joyid will stay as 1. If you do enter the maple setup, just edit the cfg file again. Have fun.....no more joy to key. This should work for player 3 and 4 also....I don't have 4 joysticks but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  6. I like it alot......I have a build just ready for it.
  7. KMHamel

    Ultrastik 360 rotary is here

    Well, since I'm the only one with them at this time....what would you like to know. They are not free spinning like a spinner, but you can play arkanoid and tempest fairly well. The encoder is th E4P 360. I have it plugged into my optiwiz with my spinner. I have 12 of them in 6 arcades and they all work great. there is just enough resistance to let you know you are turning the stick. If you spin the joystick you have now, the resistance is about the same except it is smoother....the e-clip is riding on Delrin....a very low friction acetate. Mad planets is just unbeliveable....spinning around, flying back wards, shooting at all times, it's just nuts. Disc's of tron is even playable....any game that uses a flight stick works great, the fire button is just to the side instead of on the stick. On just about all the rotary games you need to set the sensitivity to 2. for forgotten worlds you need to set it to 150. I just sent a prototype to Andy at Ultimarc today.
  8. comming attraction....the U360r http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=118265.0
  9. If you dont know a fix do you have settings for a working freedo 1.9 in hyperspin?