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  1. Hi all, So im finalising my bartop cabinet, and have a spare Dell Vostro PC (does the job and cost nothing), which i intend on gutting and fixing the motherboard and components straight in to the inside base of my machine. Control Panel is ready to wire USB in to the PC, so im pretty much there. QUESTION: I didn't want to add a draw with mouse and keyboard. I want to run it off an arcade button that i want to splice in to the current power button of the motherboard of the PC. What is the cleanest/safest/smoothest way to start up and shut down windows? I've setup Windows already so that it loads straight in to Hypersin, just need a solution for power on/off. The machine will always be plugged in to the wall and switched on. I'm not keen on the old "hold for 5 seconds to power off" thing, and dont want to rely on keyboard at all as i mentioned. I've heard there may be commands in hyperHQ to power off on exit? Thanks!
  2. Sorry, re-red thatman's post. I used the main menu wizard and it worked like a charm. So with that, all of my queries have been answered and solved. Thanks so much to everyone for helping
  3. I would like to stick with 1.3, only because i need to bring the arcade to work to start using and i don't intend on doing anything else once its in and everything is setup and ready to go. So i tried manually editing the xml as per - <game name="Nintendo Entertainment System" enabled="0"/> and that didn't work I've also removed the systems completely from the xml and that didn't work. How and where do i do it in HyperHQ? Thanks
  4. Ahh ok. I'll have to upgrade to 1.4 then. Thanks guys. You're all legends
  5. Sorry agent47, that actually didnt work for me. I've triple checked it and definately in the right place and it's definately saving, but still showing all systems. Is there a step i have missed somewhere? Thanks
  6. Perfect once again, thank you so much. i really appreciate all your help here guys
  7. Guys! Sorry to revive this thread. I forgot to ask the same question for the actual systems. So if there is a particular system that i dont want to display when you first get in to HS. Is this pssible and if so, how? Thanks, and sorry once again.
  8. All good guys. I know i'll behaving more than 10-20 roms. I'm just being fussy. Very happy with the result here. Thanks so much for all your help. Cheers
  9. That worked! I copied the rom path you had, rather than hyperspin> emulators> MAME> roms>, i changed it to Hyperspin> Roms> MAME Question now is, rather than having the wheel flooded After Burner II continuously, can it just be shown once with no scroll? Thanks so much
  10. ok so ive placed 1 zipped rom file in to the rom directory for MAME on my computer - C:\Hperspin\Emulators\MAME 161\roms\ I've then tested it separately through MAME and it works fine Ive gone in to HyperHQ and selected Wheel Settings> MAME> Under the Emulator tab, ive added the rom path C:\Hperspin\Emulators\MAME 161\roms\ I've added the Extension - .zip (note, i also added "zip" without the . and still had the same result) Now under the Navigation/Themes tab, i've checked "Wheels only" and "Roms only" and both had the same effect. As agent47 mentioned, im just bouncing back to the main system wheel selection after selecting the MAME wheel. Ive also tried the following combinations: - Wheels only and Roms only - Wheels only, Parents only and Roms only - Roms only (worked, but showed the complete list of games from the default MAME database .xml, rather than only showing the one game i placed in the rom folder) Any suggestions lads? Essentially, when i select MAME wheel, i only want the next screen in HS to show the 1 game i have placed in the roms folder. Cheers
  11. Perfect guys, that's exactly what i was after. Only displaying games in the system's wheel within HS for roms that i have in the roms directory for that system. I should learn to be much more specific. I'll give that a crack and see how it all goes. Thanks so much again
  12. Hi all, In the past i have always struggled to clean lengthy databases (MAME in particular) when i only want to display a few games for that system inHyperspin. It seems straight forward at first, but with my luck, something always goes wrong. I'd love to be able to switch on a setting that only displays the wheels for each system that actually have roms for in that particular folder. I've heard there is a setting in HyperHQ for this but not sure where exactly and if it is that simple? Thanks in advance.
  13. Ahhhh yes I do have that selected. I'll switch to multi, thanks so much. Yes opening RA standalone to configure controls. At first I had the .dll issue but installed directs runtime to fix. Thanks again guys
  14. Wow, that did work, thanks volumetric! If i plug the mic in will that solve the MAME by default issue But seriously, anyone know what could be going on here? Oh, and i'm now struggling to get retroarch 1.3.2 to load. Crashes upon startup saying "retroarch.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly..." Very frustrating... Thanks
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