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  1. Nah, I converted them one by one and renamed each pbp by hand It'd be nice if someone made a simple command line tool you could drop in a folder full of .bin files and run once to convert all to .pbp.
  2. I've tested all 70 games in my collection and they all work great in pbp format with the latest core My Playstation folder is so much tidier with only one file per game and I save about 16GB with the compression.
  3. You would launch Chrono Cross (USA).pbp from HyperSpin or RocketLauncher. Then you handle disc switching inside RetroArch with the hotkeys. It doesn't remember what disc you left off on. So you would have to launch the game, hit the open tray hotkey and then disc next until the yellow text tells you you're on the right disc, then close the tray. Then reset from RetroArch's menu or with the reset hotkey. If you don't have the skip BIOS option on, you could probably switch discs fast enough during the boot sequence to not have to reset. But yeah, it's slightly inconvenient.
  4. Multi disc pbp support is working now! I've only tested Chrono Cross so far, but it works just like using a .m3u playlist. The disc change hotkeys work and you get a single save file for all discs.
  5. You can currently use single disc pbps for each disc of a multidisc game and load them individually fine. You just can't swap on the fly in RetroArch using the disc eject and next/prev hotkeys and you have to rename your save file to carry it on to the next disc, since the Mednafen PSX core creates separate saves for each disc (because they are separate files). Both of those should be fixed when they add support for multidisc pbps (all discs in a single file). I found out after experimenting a bit that .m3u playlists pointing to multiple .pbp discs do work. But I have crashing issues when loading those sometimes if I also have the "skip BIOS" core option on.
  6. Tested the nightly build of the core and it already works with single disc games. Multi disc pbps aren't working yet and trying to use a .m3u playlist of single disc pbps gave me a black screen.
  7. Work has started on adding PBP support to the Mednafen PSX RetroArch core: https://github.com/libretro/beetle-psx-libretro/issues/36
  8. Make sure you're using the nullDC SVN 150 build from March 10th, 2013, since CHD support was added to it around then.
  9. It can, you have to use the command line: maxcso --decompress input.cso -o output.iso
  10. You can probably batch with MaxCSO by selecting as many ISOs as you want and dragging them on the .exe. It doesn't look like there's a command line option to delete the original files after compressing though. You should be able to use any CSO utility to compress and have them work in PCSX2. MaxCSO is just supposed to have the best compression.
  11. PCSX2 added support for CSO awhile ago and it's in the latest stable build. It's nice since those don't require index files to be created like they do with GZ. In the same blog post I found out about that support, they mentioned MaxCSO, which is a better program for compressing ISOs to CSOs since it's open source and has slightly higher compression.
  12. Version 20130417


    Unified - MAME - System Default (4:3)
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