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  1. Google is your friend on roms. I have the shield tv and right now have a 640gb and it works great.
  2. Thank you for your help and have tried several times but the 2600.emu wont load. replaced with 2600Emu
  3. Sorry also gba.emu also gbc.emu unless gba can run original game boy games as well. Thanks again! Finally dumping the old xbox
  4. Thanks for the info! Got more to work. Haven't seen anything on 2600.emu though
  5. Hello.. First of all thank you for any help you can give. I am trying to set Hyperspin up to run other emulators than Retroarch on the ones possible. Mame works perfect and I have NES running nes.emu and it works great too. Trying to get md.emu and other emulators to work but no luck. Please help if possible! I configured the android settings and did them exactly the same as NES but they just wont launch the emulators. Thank you for helping me out! Not the easiest front end to set up lol
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