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  1. Is your rom location specified in HyperHQ for the system in question?
  2. Those files work thanks so much!! Not sure why Gigas files didn't.
  3. Yes Hi files are being created and are displaying in the mame games. I would appreciate that Inti and thanks to both of you for taking the time to help
  4. Still no luck i'm afraid even with your files and following Intis guide. Thanks for the help all the same I will have to live with just having highscores in game Super annoying when things don't want to work.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to help I appreciate it. I will give those files a try this afternoon.
  6. Aliens great movie and nice bartop. HiToText though, It should be the simplest thing to setup i just don't get it. If the exe won't even open what could be the cause? not having the .net framework would be my guess but i have 4.6+ I have tried every version in the archives and none will even open (if i try to execute the exe on my desktop). The only version that does is the one that is bundled with Hypermarquee but it wont display in HS. Unless certain themes don't show them (I am testing with Outrun). Thanks anyway Giga i can rule out my OS at least
  7. Same story for me except i am using windows 10. Current version of HiToText.exe opens and closes immediately and does not display scores in Hyperspin. Older versions of HiToText.exe actually open but are not displaying in Hyperspin. No version seems to work with EDS or Hypermarquee. Quite frustrating.
  8. I am currently unable to post in certain threads( Hyper-marquee / EDS and a few others including a few i raised recently ) There is no text field at the bottom of the page. I heard of a few others experiencing this also. Edit: I was just logged in as DrDoom which is not my account i would like to second this post:
  9. CarloCGC


  10. Not sure about final artwork and the bolt heads are pretty smooth they were just what i had to hand.
  11. Think my Mame is mostly .zip so as Austin said add that extension and see if that works
  12. Problems with the rom filter usually means you have not set the rom extensions in Hyper HQ.
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