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  2. Version 20121002


    Philips CD-i - Main Menu (4:3)
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    Re-uploading since old link was dead. Dimo's Quest for the Phillips CD-i.
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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (USA) (SNES)
  5. I just got this feature set up, and I have to say this is amazing! Thank-you so much for allowing/streamlining a service like this, I can see it helping out a lot of people.
  6. I'm also seeing the "You do not have permission to use this setting." What about us theme guys? Can we get drunk?
  7. The new site looks wonderful! Thankyou for all the hard work that has no-doubt gone into making it happen.
  8. lol, I just found this thread. Good work so far; all around. It actually got me working a little on the Faces of Evil tonight; finally got that background lettering completely cleaned up.
  9. Well, I'm obviously up for working the HyperAudio side of things, assuming that background music is being supported. I'd also be willing to do what I can on wheel art, box art, and themes for any of the newer systems; specifically PS2 & GCN since that's my knowledge base... and majority of my shelf space. My themes: My wheel art:
  10. Yeah, my wife and I were following Colorado pretty close. I was worried your governor wouldn't sign the bill since he had expressed opposition to it. Here in Nevada we just pushed legislation that allows for our first medical dispensaries. We also had a bill for full legalization which failed in our Assembly. Rumor has it they'll be making another push in the next session. *fingers crossed* Anyway, I got some more pictures. I'll probably update tomorrow sometime. Had a setback today when things didn't line up correctly for the border to go on; lost a whole days work. I even ended up damaging an important piece of MDF when I had to pry it away from globs of dried wood glue and epoxy. Since the border was an afterthought I had to eyeball the pieces of trim that went around. It was maybe a half centimeter off, despite having literally been traced off the second piece. Once the sides of the border were curved around, it would have resulted in a 2 inch gap. Its all back together now, and wiring for the RGB LEDs should be started pretty soon.
  11. Thanks, you guy's are certainly on the right track. Here in the 'land of the free', we only guarantee it to the rich. Utah in particular is overwhelmed with corruption; the line between State Government and the Mormon Corporation becomes almost indistinguishable at time. When your facing a courtroom where the Judge refers to the DA as 'Bishop', and he literally pays the Public Defenders (who also go to church with him) out of his office, your representation becomes whatever the prosecution wants. Its essentially human trafficking. Unless you've got money for a real lawyer; all you can really do is suck it up, gather together whatever scraps of your life are left, and move out of state as soon as your probation allows for it. Its all good though. Life goes on. Two states have full out legalized pot, Nevada won't be far behind, my game collection is even bigger than before, and we're finally stable enough where a giant SNES coffee table/arcade machine can be a reality. I guess it just proves that you can bounce back from anything.
  12. I'm quite jealous. Drinking makes me physically sick. Pot just energizes and makes me super productive. As for being arrested; I was becoming politically active in marijuana law reform, trying to get a medical program started in Utah. Since prohibition prevents cops from having to do any real work, they decided to get a bogus search warrant for an IP address I didn't even have. Kicked in our door paramilitary SWAT style the day before Christmas Eve. I had less than $5 worth of weed locked away. It was barely enough to charge us on. So they took a half empty bag of potting soil I had used for some kitchen ferns; and charged us with two 2nd degree felonies for production of a controlled substance. According to Utah law, that automatically resulted in seizure of of any possessions we may have bought with all that dirty drug money... car, apartment, game collection, my alienware, etc... they got to sell it all at police auction. It even cost us custody of our little girl. I was in jail for almost a month before I even got to speak to a lawyer. And if you don't resolve all criminal charges in DCFS court by a certain time you permanently loose custody and they adopt out your child. The prosecutor made it very clear that if I didn't plead out to all charges, he'd drag thing out past my allotted time frame: "You might win the court case, but you'll never see your daughter again." I plead out to 'attempted production of a controlled substance' and 'child endangerment'. Background checks are a bitch now since it sounds like I was setting up a meth lab in my kids crib.
  13. Thankyou. Ever since I discovered pot, I've absolutely loved lava lamps. I haven't touched the stuff ever since I was busted for 'growing' it once upon a time... I lost around 1000 games in a bullshit paramilitary police raid. Had to restart my collection from scratch when I got out. The way I figure; sooner rather than later, it will be legal, and a game room full of lava lamps circling the shelves full of vintage games, not to mention a giant fucking SNES controller/arcade machine/light show in the middle will be a dream come true. I can't think of a better place to spend the rest of my days.
  14. I updated the pictures a few days ago but forgot to mention anything. I finally got done with all the sanding/priming and got the first two layers of light grey paint applied. Hopefully the next week or so will see the addition of that black border for the control panel... we'll see about that when I'm done with Las Vegas Comic Con. Gunna go see me some Stan Lee.
  15. I got my SD card back from Utah so I updated the 2nd post with more construction photos. I also found another older picture of the game room (when its not doubling as a workshop) to give an idea of where this will be played. The shelves with all the games/consoles would be just out of view to the sides, wraping around you as the room will permit. I would also love to add LED lighting underneath each shelf to illuminate its contents; maybe put this on a dimmer... but that'll be a project for sometime after this is all done.
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