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  1. rikoos

    Problems Changing Special Art

    His special art work based on the attached picture. Verstuurd vanaf mijn A0001 met Tapatalk
  2. rikoos

    Problems Changing Special Art

    Sorry for bumping this topic but i love to see the result :-) @8BitMonk are you willing to share the result (5 years after making it hahaha)
  3. rikoos

    Custom Transitions

    Hi Iggy, do you know where they are placed now? since the shuffle the forum points to locations which dont exist anymore (I hate to ask these easy questions normally!). Thnx
  4. rikoos

    Dynamic Marquee Displays

    I use alibaba for almost everything. Buyer protection etc etc So it works :-) BTW I'm in the Netherlands so sometimes customs are difficult and do i need to pay extra taxes for packages from China.
  5. rikoos

    HyperSync Technical Support

    i believe everybody with the Mame video problems is having the follwing error: BTW this error occurred AFTER i upgraded hypersync to the lastest version (windows 8.1)
  6. rikoos

    mame videos not syncing

    Snif snif snif same here ........ All is downloading except MAME movies.
  7. Thnx... memory upgrade ordered. First this and a new videocard if needed next month :-) expensive month this hehehe Sent from my HUAWEI G700-U10 using Tapatalk
  8. Hi there, My first post on this forum :-) hopefully i did it correct. I got a question and hopefully you guys can advice me which hardware is should use in my bartop. I have 2 old mobo+CPU combo's on the shelf. 1ste with a Core 2 duo e7500 2.93 ghz with a asus 1gb videocard and 2gb 1033 memory 2nd with a Pentium G620T / 2.2 GHz no videocard so direct video out mobo and 4gb 1333 memory I think the 2nd will be The best to use pure based on the specs but the 1st has a dedicaties videocard. Correct? Any advice is welcome :-) Rikoos Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. rikoos

    Dumb Artwork Question...

    Hi, i just also bough a DIY bartop from arcadewarp. I have exact the same question :-) Did you have the dimensions calculated? If so could you share this with me as i'm not à math master. Thnx :-)