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  1. jfp

    Disable mouse input in game.

    if its anything like a jamma then use sharpkeys to change the alt key... as alt and space brings up menus
  2. jfp

    PCSX2 Module help

    The module wasn't written for said emulator but a slightly older version. some people can't wait for RL to release a new module
  3. jfp

    PCSX2 Module help

    To close it look at this thread Last 2 posts
  4. jfp

    PCSX2 Module help

    hope this is a fresh one.. i have been editing modules all day PCSX2.ahk PCSX2.isd
  5. jfp

    HyperGrid!!!! :) Feature request

    Well just the wheel needs changing but i think its been hardcoded so unless i have the source i can't do much.... I really like hyperspin its not userfriendly and i like it that way i Started out with mala then went to hyperspin.
  6. jfp

    HyperGrid!!!! :) Feature request

    Actually most of the code is there.. just need to rearrange the gui a bit.. It'll probably take longer to create the new art work for the wheels :/
  7. I was wondering if its possible to display systems or the games in a grid-like view with the center open for animation,videos,cover art etc. ''''''''''''''''''''''''' ' ' ' ' ' '''''''''' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '''''''''' ' ' ' ' ' like so.... with consoles rotating around a preview in the middle an animated link or mario playing them on a tv would also be nice
  8. to clarify you have to setup individual games as well in rocket launcher C:\Rocketlauncher\Settings\gamename\games.ini here is an eg for my tekken wheel Games.ini
  9. Yeah but i wanted to find out how to do it on pc, so i googled it and landed here, rob3d post shows the old method i only tested it on one wheel that was configured by a friend and i misplaced the setting and had to start from scratch. pclauncher is for the pc yes
  10. found this old thread through google.. use pclauncher module with virtual emulator activated
  11. jfp

    epsxe ahk for RL

    Version 2.9


    This is a roughly edited module for rocketlauncher to limit frameskip and use petes ogl driver v2.9 instead of core, win10 doesnt work with v2.05 of ePSXe and v2.01 runs at 1000+ fps without this. Should be able to use any plugin by renaming it to "gpuPeteOpenGL2.dll"