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  1. you can help with amiga please

  2. I don't have teamview at the moment but how can I help?

  3. wouldnt mind a little help with the emu m8...uk also and can use teamviewer

  4. nice work man..found them.....thankyou.

  5. hello but who r you

  6. hello m8 ive just updated my site for you at emumovies... post linked to site and yours also in my profile section you are now there....

    sasmadmorro youtube

  7. stuck on mugen...learning the ropes of hyperspin so i can help others..thx nice cab...

  8. mortal kombat machine is a beast m8 wish i was off to the show but hey i got da game anyway...great work on hyperspin i will be prmoting the site soon when my machine is done.. still a hell of alot of work with directing things..nice to meet ya from the uk

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