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  1. rgm2000


  2. Hi Jonnykool,

    Your cab looks amazing. I am also in the middel of building a cab. I am wondering where do you get those sizes for making a cab like you did. Maybe you want to share it with me.



  3. Do you have the link for me for the clean pinball set?



  4. It is clear to me. I will keep WMP in it as some other valuable (future) apps also using it. Thanks!
  5. Rain, which files does HS actually needed from WMP? Because of my Windows 7 HyperSpin Edition I decided to take out the build in media player from Windows and to integrate VLC as this is a much lighter and faster mp. This is also the prefered mp by the most of us after doing a little research. I can implement WMP12 again, but I want it as lite as possible in there. So I was wondering which files it actually needs to run HS properly. Maybe you can PM me about this. Thanks!
  6. Any change to give me an invite for Blackcats?



  7. I prefer the Suzo HAPP competition stick and the GGG SmoothStick from groovygamegear.com. I like the sensitivity of these sticks as I am a street fighter fan. I have also the Ultimarc u360 analog stick from ultimarc.com for games that uses analog controls, but I am looking where I can buy the Perfect 360 joystick from Suzo HAPP as this is in my opinion the farmost precise joystick out there. Anyone a suggestion besides from the Suzo HAPP site itself? Because I don't have a creditcard and they don't accept paypal. Thanks in advanced ;-)
  8. About my startup and exit scripts for launching Xpadder and HyperSpin together take a look ad my post on this topic http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?18255-HyperLaunch-2-lose-focus-when-closing-emulator&p=212538#post212538 I've included my scripts over there. I hope you find them useful.
  9. I have made a simple script for launching Xpadder with the start of HyperSpin which you can put as startup program in HyperHQ. I Will follow you up by tomorrow. The script you can also adjust if you wanna have more programs to startup with HS. I personaly don't use the script anymore, because I figured out that Hyperlaunch is doing the same for me.
  10. Xpadder program (not only profiles) will load trough Hyperlaunch if you setup the right pad to it in settings.ini ;-)
  11. @bent98 Yes I already played with it. But no differents for me. So I switched back to HS1.3 and everything is fine now for this moment. I'm going to be patient for BBB's next release. I think he knows enough now. Thanks for helping ;-)
  12. Ok, I've tested HyperSpin 1.3.1 and these are my obstacles I noticed comparing HS 1.2 and HS 1.3; - Startup time HS still 5 seconds to wait (compared to HS 1.2) - Scrolling through the wheels a littlebit slower than HS 1.2 - A small amount of leg when jumping the wheel by letter (compared to HS 1.2). So when you holddown the left or right arrow and hit the start button to go to the wheels with the choosen letter. It freezes for half a second. - Game Text FontStyle 5 is not showing properly anymore. Instead of Italic it is straight now (compared to HS 1.2). Is it possible to make this adjustable in HyperHQ? - When exiting an emulator HyperSpin freezes for almost 2 seconds before it will be active again (compared to HS 1.2). Positive improvements what I much like; - Smoother wheel images - Smoother transitions in general I noticed - MP4 support Great job BBB overall!
  13. Many many thanks BBB! A wonderful christmas ;-)
  14. I've got still one issue with HyperSync. I'm using HyperSync When I download Box Arts or Carts for the systems. The rom title names with special character & will be skipped. So than I have to download them manualy. Is there something (maybe a setting) that I missed. Regards, Richard
  15. hello there facebooker

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