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  1. I downloaded newest retroarch and its detecting the controllers fine now.
  2. I dont really need hyperspin to work with controllers but wanting them for retroarch but after trying everything and ready/testing stuff daily im still unable to get them to work. Closest i can get is if i load a retroarch rom and go into the menu and manually bind the keys to the controller, then if i select resume core it will play that game with the controller but as soon as I exit the game and restart it looses all controller bindings. Also tried binding 2 controllers but can only get one to work. I dont know if its a retroarch version issue (from 2015) Or a win 7 issue, or hyperspin messing up retroarch or what. Noones had a similar issue?
  3. Microsooft 360 wireless driver is installed. Controller works fine in pc games, and in my 3DO emulator. I can go into retroarch settings and bind the controller and then it works fine in the retroarch menu but as soon as i select "save config" and exit retroarch i can reopen a game in retroarch and the controller does nothing. Even if i go back into retroarch menu the controller doesnt work unless i bind it again manually. Not sure if its a bug or what. Its a retroarch version from a few years ago when I built the cab . I have 3 xbox 360 controllers now and cant even get one to work
  4. I finished my arcade cab several years ago. At one point I know i used a xbox 360 controller for at least hyperspin and the pc games. One of my kids needed the controller so i didnt use it with the cabinet for a couple years. I just recently seen the news on this turbo grafx mini coming out in march 2020 and it made me want to play some of these old console games but want to use a controller. I just went through my hyperspin cab and got it all cleaned out and fixed a few buttons/wiring issues and got it back in shape to play. I just ordered 2 more 360 wireless controllers and trying to get at least this one controller working with retroarch to play some older console games because they just dont play well with joysticks. Well...I cant even get this controller to work and have more coming. I feel like its a windows issue or something. I enabled and set the controller in hyperspin hq and during hyperspin intro if i push a button on the controller it will register the press and skip the video and go to hyperspin. From there nothing works on controller. If i go into retro arch settings, the controller works in the menu to move up/down but no button presses register and in any roms I load the controller doesnt work but then if i go into my 3DO emulator the controller works fine. Ive spent days trying to search for a solution but cant figure it out. Im running windows 7 with an ipac4 and wonder if its a conflict? Any ideas? Thanks
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