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  1. Jackst333

    Tur-Game Controller Order

    Awesome I was looking for something like this. I have to get the word out about this. Great Job!!!!! Jack
  2. By the way Can you point me to Chuck, I not sure how to look him up. So I can follow his work please. Thank you
  3. thank you very much, this will help me a lot. I will take a spin on this and gain more knowledge. I really Appreciate. Yes I have reached out to Ninja's and he has been helpful. You all have. Thank you Jack
  4. Sorry for the delay. The solution was that every system designer has there way of doing things. First off selecting the type of controller and what you are going to put it in. You can buy a prefab customer cabinet or design one for self. I did the other. I didn't select a cabinet as I can not stand to use it. So I design around my desk with the following 46 inch HD/TV as my base monitor 24 inch monitor for my Marquee (when I get it working) Ultimate I/o 8 way RGB Joysticks RGB track ball Flight Stick 22 RGB Buttons. LedBlinky (licence) Windows 10 Pro. So since I can use a cabinet and I can't get my right design made for me I did something else. I used the X-Arcade system and put all this in. My question about wiring above is how I fixed it. Review all videos, and the Biggest help was Mavericks Arcade was the Biggest help. His 5 you-tube channels was the best teaching of any kind. Put the Https://www (youtube.com/watch?v=opu6NofnyWg) Sure it took me several years to reply but with my condition I am lucky I can even do this. He explains all the items on this board better than anyone I have came in contact with. I am finished wiring my Ultimate I/o up got to understand it FINALLY. So the solution is write everything you want to have your system to do, Buy the parts THEN. Decide it you want Arcade Cabinet or Home entertainment system like I did. Buy/collect roms you need decide the FE system you want. Hint X-arcade gives you a few hundred games and on a system already. So this is getting you up and running sooner. Then comes the Hyperspin, Hyper Marquee, Hyper speech and LEDBlinky tackle. Therefore any Hints or direction on to where to get direction for my next task is the Hyper Marquee and Hyper speech working with LedBlinky together smoothly. Thanks in advance and feels good to be back.
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  6. Thank you to everyone. It looks like I might have a solution.
  7. Thank you. Yes I seen them. But what I am looking for is how to wire up all the items plus setting up the joy sticks with the RGB extension and power module. They show them on the website but not explaining how to hook them up. Maybe I am not seeing what everyone is else seeing it is saying that it can hook up. Example on the Ultimate I/O board what ithe 1A drivers terminal for. Where do you hook up the MiniGrip (Flight Stick). Sure I am new to this but people have been doing this for a while and I am just starting. So I am looking for the hook ups how to's and where to begin guides for this board. Any suggestions. Thank you Jack
  8. Hi, I am newbie here and I need to ask if anyone has experience with the Ultimate I/O board. I just bought it and with Joy sticks and RGB buttons. First off the RGB buttons were not connected to a connector and I have to figure out the correct wiring of the connector. Plus I added the RGB led Illuminated handles to the joysticks. I need assistance in putting them on. Once there were no Instructions. I have asked for them and was told they are are all over the internet. Well like being a newbie i can not find them any place. I need a push in the right direction so I can get this wired up. So I am using a 6 button, coin and menu buttons. Plus I have the MiniGrip Stick. need to know where to hook this up or to what buttons? Lastley I have the U-trak Flush mount Arcade trackball with the RGB led Illuminated kit as well. I hope this is the right area to ask and if any one has any pointers in where to get this information I would appreciate it. I have tried Ultimarc and basically was told it is on the internet. Thank you very much in Advance for your assistance. Jack