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  1. I scanned the possible solutions to fix this but none of them work. Please give an ETA when the server will be fixed? It is not my Credentials as I can log into the sites just fine but not hypersync. I wrote bug that followed someone else from 2016, so i am writing a new one for today's date. Yes I am a fully paid member for life! in case you ask.
  2. Quick quest the nvram files are there a list of them or are they generated when the game is played? I have a lot of .hi files but only a couple of nvram files. Any help would be appreciated. As I ham having issues with this within hyper Marquee. Just trying to get my system up to speed with all the goodies out there. Thanks
  3. Awesome I was looking for something like this. I have to get the word out about this. Great Job!!!!! Jack
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  5. Hello from Washington State

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