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  1. Oh crap... It looks like it’s just an issue with the os. Your hyperspin setup is probably still intact. I would install Linux on a thumb drive, boot from that, copy your hyperspin directory over to another hard drive, reinstall windows, and transfer your hyperspin directory back over.
  2. Retroarch has bezel support. I believe that’s the only way on the shield.
  3. From what I’ve heard, most GameCube and Wii games don’t run particularly well through dolphin on the shield tv. I may be wrong, but there really isn’t any android device with enough muscle to run dolphin at full speed. PC is still the way to go if you definitely have to have GameCube and Wii.
  4. My build is mostly limited to MAME and Retroarch for simplicity. Some more obscure systems and Wii emulation have dedicated emulators though. It’s just so much less of a hassle to stick with one emulator once you learn how it works and how it interacts with Rlauncher.
  5. What misunderstanding? It would be nice to know why everything went so quiet so suddenly.
  6. That's it right there. Hyperspin is worth the effort because it's so dang awesome looking. I love the ease of use of launchbox and retrox, but they just don't stack up to hyperspin when it comes to aesthetics imo.
  7. That is pretty awesome... I'm probably oversimplifying what's involved in making this work, but why don't other front ends do this as well? You could still enable support for third party emulators, but bake as many as possible right into the fe itself. Being able to control emulator functions (e.g., save states, controller setup) from directly within the fe is really cool.
  8. RetroX is really interesting. It looks like it handles all the emulation in house through retroarch cores. That really streamlines the setup and allows for way more control over how the games interact with the frontend.
  9. I'll be watching this very closely. Been hoping there would be a way to get hyperspin running on odroid since the android version was first released.
  10. Nice post! The more systems the merrier.
  11. Exciting times are upon us!!
  12. Yeah it's flv videos only for certain integrated intel gpus. I'm fortunate on my laptop that I have a dedicated gpu as well as integrated. I just instructed the dedicated card to handle hyperspin and it fixed the problem.
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