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  1. It really is versatile and once you understand how everything works, the possibilities really are limitless in spite of all the handicaps you mentioned. I guess for me it comes down to the time investment and my willingness to put up with a lot of out of the box thinking/third party solutions to get things to work right. It bugs me that I can take a step away from HS for a few months, come back, and completely forget how I was able to get some aspect of the front end to work the way I wanted. 😂 Launchbox definitely has its flaws, but they’re actively improving it. Things just work and I don’t have that nagging fear that something might break like I did with HyperSpin. That said, if I ever were to mod a 4:3 cab, I probably would use HyperSpin for the front end.
  2. That looks pretty awesome. Launchbox is my front end these days, but HyperSpin is still very powerful if you do a lot of tweaking under the hood. I’d love to see it make a comeback with a refined, simplified RocketLauncher integrated directly into it. To this day I still think HS/RL is a stronger option as a 4:3 arcade front end. RL handles fade/bezels better in my opinion too. It’s just a more seamless experience compared to Launchbox. That said, the lack of support and considerably greater investment of time required to get a build up and running is what kills it for me.
  3. I would challenge anyone to argue that this is not the greatest retro gaming setup of all time.
  4. Wow, I love this! The letter choices were perfect!
  5. Version 1.0


    Apple IIGS wheel art. Optimized to be used with AutoKustom so you can add a border of your choice.
  6. Version 20150605


    This is a simple wheel I created for the NEC PC Engine in Photoshop when I was supposed to be working. This won't be winning any graphic design awards, but I still think it's an upgrade from the default text wheel. I highly recommend sprucing this up with AutoKustom.
  7. Version 20150604


    This is for all the AVGN fans! This is a Kustom wheel for every episode in the AVGN web series. I plan to keep updating this whenever a new episode is released, so be sure to check back!
  8. Version 20150531


    Here's some simple Magnavox Odyssey 2 Wheels I created in Photoshop.
  9. Version 20150531


    These are simple Kustom wheels I created for the Magnavox Odyssey 2 using Photoshop and AutoKustom.
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