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  1. I've been messing with various frontends and got to thinking about old reliable HyperSpin. I find theme creation in a lot of the newer front ends to be way too overwhelming. I think a cool feature to include in some new iteration of HyperSpin would be the ability to choose a default theme type where you could choose between a default arcade theme, HTPC theme, Cinematic theme, etc. After choosing a theme type, you could have the option to change colors, backgrounds, assets, etc. on the fly (in a way, integrating a dumbed down form of hypertheme directly into HyperSpin). For example, you could have a system theme that by default shows a certain color background, a system image, two character images, etc. With my idea, you could press a theme edit button and cycle through different character assets, background assets, sound assets, etc. on the fly. This would make "theme creation" much more accessible to the average person and enable users to spice up the look of the front end quickly without having to mess around with a lot of behind the scenes hassle.
  2. Hyperspin does not sell hard drives or arcade systems. They are sold by third party sellers (scammers?) that try to pass themselves off as representing this community. The advice typically given to people who purchase these third party systems is to learn how hyperspin works through the plethora of available guides and rebuild your system from the ground up (while maybe using some of the media/game assets provided by the seller once you know how everything works).
  3. Remember when Hyperlaunch was just one big ahk file? ?
  4. Launchbox is terrific and very easy to set up. I would never use it without Rocketlauncher though. The default launcher is fine, but not nearly as feature rich as Rocketlauncher. I could never achieve the performance with Big Box that I could with hyperspin though. It’s always been laggy for me with large ROM collections - even with good hardware. It’s very encouraging to hear there is actually a beta version of a new hyperspin floating around out there. That’s honestly the best news I’ve heard since the infamous Avar disappearance. Hyperspin will always be my preferred frontend unless Big Box’s performance sees significant improvement.
  5. Tribe Fan

    Tribe Fan

  6. Wow, I love this! The letter choices were perfect!
  7. Version 1.0


    Apple IIGS wheel art. Optimized to be used with AutoKustom so you can add a border of your choice.
  8. Version 20150605


    This is a simple wheel I created for the NEC PC Engine in Photoshop when I was supposed to be working. This won't be winning any graphic design awards, but I still think it's an upgrade from the default text wheel. I highly recommend sprucing this up with AutoKustom.
  9. Version 20150604


    This is for all the AVGN fans! This is a Kustom wheel for every episode in the AVGN web series. I plan to keep updating this whenever a new episode is released, so be sure to check back!
  10. Version 20150531


    Here's some simple Magnavox Odyssey 2 Wheels I created in Photoshop.
  11. Version 20150531


    These are simple Kustom wheels I created for the Magnavox Odyssey 2 using Photoshop and AutoKustom.
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