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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. 16 minutes ago, mikty said:

    Yes I volontary make 2 degres of rotation but I can cancel it if you want before release. I know the problem of the template and mention it on a previous post.

    I will correct it before release  thanks

    Don't mind me; it was just a tip in case you did not do it on purpose :)

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  2. Nice job @mikty

    Just as a heads-up (don't know if you did it intentionally or not), the horizontal boxes are a little bit rotated upwards. If you did it on purpose, then disregard this message; if you did not, you can just rotate the images exactly 2 degrees clockwise and that's it :) (be careful that the top corner will get outside of the canvas if you don't enlarge it a little bit.

    Keep up your good work man.


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  3. 10 hours ago, ulao said:

    Does anyone speak French well?  A user needs help with the Bliss-Box and is not sure where to start. He does not speak English fully and hopes to find a French speaker.

    Sorry ulao; I only know ulalá, fondue, and menage a trois :)

    Tell him to just type it all in French and translate it with Google translator; their tool has improved a lot and you will understand it all I'm sure. 

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  4. 24 minutes ago, pademonium said:

    Hello everybody , 

    I would have posted some themes here but I can not upload more than 200MB and my 1080P themes are usually over 200MB, in my opinion I do not post in the right section, or should I go?

    THE barrier langage..


    Thanks !

    Hey Padou!

    I believe the new site upgrade got a 100MB file restriction per part. I just updated my cart set and had to split it in 9 parts of 90MB each.

    I am sure they will resolve it eventually; in the meantime you can either zip the video and split it into parts, or wait until is fixed :) 

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  5. 9 hours ago, Aorin said:

    @matchaman, I installed LTSB Windows 10 version and it was the best thing I ever did for a long time since Windows 8, then 8.1 and 10 (with those ridiculous updates), this version is by far much faster and smoother than my previous Windows 10 build, not even OneDrive comes pre installed, just the system itself with Windows Defender updates.

    Do you notice speed and/or a performance increase while playing more recent retro games? 

  6. 3 hours ago, fifou said:

    Thx for your answer Kondorito

    The fact is taht I'm not flash friendly so I don"t know how to manage what you mean :unhappy:

    Send me the specialart file and I will take a look at it. Cannot promise I will check it before Monday, as I am trying to stay away from the PC on weekends. 

  7. Hey @fifou; if I am correct, you have two options; either place an artwork/specialart on top of it with the system name you want (you would need to know the font used for Sega Genesis to make it unified), or create a new SpecialArt for each system.
    I have found that opening swf files in Flash, break the embedded time/date clock, so even if you open it up and change the text to any other system, once you save it up again in swf, the time/date will not show.

    If you manage to get a hold of the *.fla files of the theme, I could try to open them up in flash and modify the text for you.

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  8. Guys! Does any of you have at least one .fla file from the Aeon Nox scrolling main menu system text description line, or the games description/synopsis?
    I want to check the AS code in the fla files to understand how the info gets referenced from an outside XML, so we can apply it to any theme we want and get system and games text descriptions.

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  9. 1 hour ago, fifou said:

    Hi Kondorito, I'm sorry but my English is too poor and I don't understand your request

    You mean edit a swf file ? If yes I don't know how to do that sorry

    Yeah, I meant the swf top bar, the one that has the time, date and weather. No problem man :)

    If you manage to finish the theme, share it with the community.

    Take care!

  10. 7 minutes ago, fifou said:

    I started to work again on my cab using a new computer to be able to use emuls configured with high resolutions (excuse me for my bad english)

    It was very difficult to learn how the theme works, particulary to get all nfos/files needed to adapt the theme for my needs

    I know how to deal with the DB, managing it into an XL file with formulas, and it's a real pleasure to add new systems and just watch it running in HS

    Thanks again Dark13 and all contribs for this fantastic theme !!

    Hey fifou!

    By any chance do you know how to embed time and date and weather in the swf bar like in this theme? Knowing the formula or steps to do so will let us create different types (shapes and colors) of up and bottom bars with embedded stuff in it.


  11. So sorry to hear that! :o Glad you are taking it with a positive attitude :)
    I lost a lot of creations on a similar scenario a couple of years ago, and I was in rage/sadness for over a week.
    I know the best thing to do is to have external drives redundancy for this type of stuff, but having a NAS set up (at least for me) is a lot more cash than what I can afford hehe.
    Take your time and hopefully you are able to rescue some of your stuff from the web or cloud.

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  12. I was working with hyperspinnerd in doing some main menu logos and checking some game stories from a cople of systems, but I do not have the entire theme nor info on release date.
    From what he told me the theme is practically done; just a couple of little things missing.

    I am not sure I understand what happened in this topic or with the bans; but the only affected users here are the creators doing the theme and the final users that will not be able to enjoy it, as I am not sure they will release it now to the public because of the hyperspinnerd ban. Such a shame.

  13. From what I understand (did not mess around with the system themes), the swf that displays the info per game has the path to the hypertext xml file embedded inside it. Dont know how that was done though. I think it is explained some pages ago, but not sure. 

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  14. Hey guys, just wanted to keep you posted.

    I am working with @hyperspinnerd in the remaining tasks for this theme completion.
    We are finishing doing the main menu wheels for

    • Microsoft Xbox
    • Microsoft Xbox 360
    • Nintendo 3DS
    • Nintendo Super Famicom
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo WiiWare
    • Nintendo eShop
    • PC Games
    • Sony Playstation 3
    • Sony Playstaion Vita

    hyperspinnerd is doing some Hypertext work for the XMLs as well.

    Next step is completing the WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color stories (description seen in each game), as there are some that are hard to find.
    The number of players for the WiiU games is still in the to-do (as those are missing).


     If anybody knows a place where we can find the number of players per game for the WiiU games, or is willing to complete an XML we have with the players info, let us know :) 


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  15. 16 minutes ago, thatman84 said:

    I apologise if my comments escalated this thread.

    There really was no need for the other posts to go south so quickly. Hopefully @Kondorito and @hyperspinnerd can work together on the artwork.

    On it ;)

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  16. Hey @hyperspinnerd, I did not follow the entire topic from the start, so do not know anything about this theme or how this whole thing reached to this point. Just came to offer my help. From the 4 pointers you posted a couple of pages ago, I think I could help with the "know how to make the main menu icons". I am not quite sure to which icons are you referring to, but if they can be done in Photoshop, you have an example or two I can take a look at as base, and a list of the missing ones, I'm in ;)


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