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  1. zorg2000k

    Hyperspin - Move Default Launch Location

    Got it now working via Ultramon shortcut script. Thanks
  2. Hi All, I have two screens a 27" 16:10 I use as my main PC and I have a 19" 4:3 which I want to use to setup the Hyperspin Software on for testing before I add to my cabinet. I'm looking for a way to launch the hyperpsin application on my 19" display which is the 2nd monitor in my Windows display settings. Ive got Ultramon installed and can mirror the Hyperspin program when running onto the second screen, but I would really like to be able to move like any other program around the screen area if pssible. Is there a command / switch to allow this ? Thanks in advance
  3. Version V1.0


    This is EvilDindon - 443 Icons Set & Theme, Media set Thanks
  4. zorg2000k

    Mame XML for two button games

    Hi, I'm looking to find out if anyone has a Mame.xml file for Hyperspin for two or three button games only ? (i.e. Shoot, jump, run) Tried to set up Romlister but the links to download some of the files don't work, or does anyone have working links for : Catver.ini Controls.ini NPlayers.ini ​Many thanks
  5. zorg2000k

    vertical bezel

    Is it something like this your looking for on a vertical monitor ?
  6. I'm looking for something like this as well, in fact I'm still looking for a default theme to use on my vertical cabinet. I like Stickcross, but would love a clean wheel image so I can add some other games to his Shmup theme set
  7. zorg2000k

    Vertical Arcade Build

    Hi The marquee is included in the design of my mame artwork (bezel) themes. Photoshop.
  8. zorg2000k

    Vertical Arcade Build

    27" widescreen IPS screen
  9. zorg2000k

    Vertical Arcade Build

    Few more screens of build just about complete, just looking for 50 mm black speaker grills for the front of my control panel, Hoping for someone to help with a vertical theme for Hyperspin Went from this old cabinet : To this setup
  10. zorg2000k

    Vertical Cabinet Theme

    Hi, Building a vertical cabinet and seen this video on tube. Did this every get released ?
  11. zorg2000k

    Vertical Arcade Build

    Thats a nice idea
  12. zorg2000k

    Vertical Arcade Build

    Hi, We started to build a vertical arcade cabinet. I used my ver first cabinet I built and cut down to make it a bit small and more compact. I have added vinyl to the sides and have now mounted the screen and bezel. T-Molding added but I haven't peeled off the protective film yet but its chrome, Struggling to find someone to deisgn a one player control panel and print this for me Going for rbg buttons and have got a lot of old cabinet hardware for use. Will be a i5, 16gb ran with a Nvidia 7500 TI 2GB Grahpic card. Added a few pictures to show progress, Thanks
  13. Heard that what a shame eh
  14. This is the best theme I have seen yet, would love to get a hold of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=haNYabY5LcI
  15. zorg2000k

    Sega Model 3 - Supermodel released !

    My PC, running Model 3 with no issues, had to throttle some games as it was too fast LOL i5 3.2ghz Quad core Processor 8gb DDR 3 Ram 1066fsb 250 GB HDD - OS System Drive 2TB HDD - Rom / Data